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Wine Regions to Visit by Luxury Yacht

There’s something truly special about a yacht holiday—you’re seeing the world, traveling in complete luxury with the wind in your hair, and the possibility of exploring a new culture at every port. So if you’re thinking about venturing out into the world’s wine regions, look no further. New York travel company AllTheRooms has created a list of the best wine regions to visit by luxury yacht.

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Corsica, France

It’s hard to have a list about wine regions to visit without mentioning Corsica—wine has been made on the island for over 2,500 years. This Mediterranean destination is a wine lover’s paradise, complete with stunning snowcapped mountains, prehistoric ruins, and rugged hills with terracotta-roofed villages. It’s actually the most mountainous island in the Med and has 385 miles of coastline, perfect for viewing from your yacht.

As well as being a beautiful destination to visit, the variety of sandy soils, altitude, and the sea breeze makes Corsica an ideal winemaking region. The mixture of French and Italian culture help the island stand out in the winemaking world, and the red Sciacarello grape, which is unique to the island, helps maintain the region’s reputation.

wine regions

Although they use a variety of grapes during the winemaking process around the island, you’ll find the Sciacarello grape is used heavily. If you want to sample this famous grape, try an Ajaccio wine, medium-bodied rosés, and reds with a hint of spice. Some of the of the best wineries to try include Clos d’Alzeto, which boasts the most amount of vineyards in Corsica.

Marlborough, New Zealand

If you’re looking for a convenient location for yacht lovers, as well as wine drinkers, then look no further than Marlborough. Found in the northeast corner of the South Island, Marlborough is New Zealand’s flagship wine region. As well as having many wineries to explore, you can also spend time savoring the delicious seafood and exploring the hugely diverse landscapes in and around the area. We’d recommend spending time at the stunning Marlborough Sounds, where you’ll find sandy bays and extremely sheltered inlets.

wine regions

With 84% of the country’s Sauvignon Blanc plantings located in Marlborough, it’s been given the reputation as being the country’s (and depending on who’s asking—the world’s) Sauvignon Blanc capital. You’ll also find Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, and Pinot Noir grapes flourishing in the area, too. Other highlights you shouldn’t miss include Clouds Bay, Yealands Estate, and Framingham Wines. Or if you fancy visiting many more wineries, you can find 30 amazing ones within a 15-mile circuit from the township of Renwick.

Mljet, Croatia

Typically when visiting Croatia, visitors head straight for the beautiful Old Town in Dubrovnik. If you’re wanting to explore a different part of Croatia, whilst sampling the finest wines, stick to Mljet, the gorgeous southernmost Adriatic island. Story has it that Odysseus was held captive for seven years on this island by Calypso. Despite the slightly dark history, the island boasts a very positive reputation for its local produce and wild beauty. Like many other islands on the Dalmatian Coast, Mljet is steeped in thousands of years of history and tradition of vine growing—meaning you’ll find plenty of wines to choose from while visiting.

wine regions

For those of you in the know, Croatia has in the past been voted a respectable number five in a list of the Best Wine Regions to visit by USA Today readers! However, the main highlight of the island is its natural beauty. Mljet is a hugely green and forested area, so a large majority of the island is made up of the Mljet National Park. Here you’ll find amazing hiking opportunities, plus two saltwater lakes to splash around in. If you’re interested in architecture, don’t miss the incredible sights of the 12th-century Benedictine Monastery.

Bolgheri, Italy

For some sommeliers, Bolgheri is known to be the finest of the Italian wine regions. This small village is located only six miles away from the Etruscan Coast, offering idyllic beaches and crystal-clear waters, begging you to take a dip. Nestled between the cities of Cecina and San Vincenzo is Bolgheri, and despite its quaint feel and small size, it sure packs a punch when it comes to making wine.

Bolgheri is home to the Super Tuscan Sassicaia wine, produced by Tenuta San Guido, said to be one of the most famous fine red wines Italy has produced—albeit it also takes the title of most expensive wine, too. Over thirty of the local wine estates belong to the consortium of Bolgheri DOC, which ensures the highest-quality products, resulting in only the best of wines for you and your group to taste and enjoy during your trip.

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