Volanti Coming to Scottsdale Airpark

As Scottsdale Airpark continues its $27 million renovations, with the ribbon-cutting set to commence sometime in 2018, the new additions of Executive Hangers will also serve as the eating grounds for Volanti’s suite of gourmet businesses. Volanti Restaurant and Lounge is scheduled to open once the Scottsdale airpark renovation is complete.

The Venue at Volanti will be right next door to the Restaurant and Lounge at private Hangar V. The Venue at Volanti will serve as an attraction for businesses and will be showcased as a five-star connoisseur destination, as it will hold events and gatherings. Resplendent with a vast selection of internationally renowned rare liquors and wine, the venue will also feature a gourmet menu that’s locally sourced with farm-to-table fares that have been exclusively designed for the sumptuousness provided by Executive Chef Pedro Loza.


The Venue at Volanti is scheduled to be operational to the Restaurant and Lounge in the fall of 2018 as well. With three distinct venues that can that accommodate groups of all sizes, Volanti at Scottsdale Airpark will offer a one-of-a-kind experience for travelers and locals.

Dee Dee Maza, Founder of Volanti states, “We represent Hangar V exclusively. The private Hanger is 30K square ft. in size and The Venue at Volanti is a 5k square ft. venue overlooking the tarmac and breathtaking views of the McDowell Mountains. Both the Restaurant and Lounge as well as the Venue at Volanti are set to open fall of 2018. We firmly believe that Volanti will become an Arizona destination for Epicureans, Foodies and those seeking uncommon excellence in dining.”


Maza continued: “Our Venues are innovative and fun. Our passion is carefully creating exclusive environments that provide our clients an unforgettable atmosphere and transforms their visions of an excellent event into realty. Our partnership with Producer Christine Key and Fresh Wata, a powerhouse event design & production firm, brings a strategic experiential event style; a style particularly suited to meeting and exceeding the standards of corporate and private clients in Scottsdale.


“We cater to local, national, and international clients with a fresh brand experience and interactive food, entertainment and strategic planning. When you have an event in The Venue at Volanti or in any exclusive airline Hangar here at the Scottsdale Airpark, you are working with some of the very best in the industry and creating something state of the art regardless of how big or small of an event it may be. We are committed to maintaining the cutting edge nature of the Scottsdale Airpark where we strive to enhance businesses dining experiences from around the globe.

As a premier North Scottsdale catering and events service, Volanti works to deliver an exceptional experience for its clients and their guests by creating the most compelling event experience possible with a special focus on providing fun atmospheres, and, of course, feature gourmet foods, white-glove service, and premium spirits.

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