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Top 10 “Boozy” Yoga Escapes in the U.S.

yoga pose | © Syed Shameel / Flickr

Yoga plus alcohol—there’s some good news and bad news. The not-so-good news is that mixing alcohol and exercise has long been one of Western culture’s big no-nos, perceived as unhealthy and sometimes dangerous. However, the good news is that it’s safe to flow through your favorite asanas as well as your favorite cocktail or wine all in the same day—probably just not at the same time. That said, the best news of all is that with yoga classes and retreats in the U.S. growing more and more popular, these getaways are pairing artisan wines or craft cocktails with all levels of yoga practices. These U.S. yogi escapes intertwine the soulful and boozy connections between the mind, body, and spirit.

Raptor Ridge, Newberg, Oregon

Between the process of making their highly respected wines, this Oregon winery holds yoga classes on a weekly basis. But the real magic happens when Raptor Ridge hosts their seasonal celebrations where visitors indulge their bodies and minds. These celebrations begin with the day, usually starting with a morning meditation around 8 a.m., led by the winery’s owner. This morning retreat moves guests’ awareness through the mind to the body with yoga following. Once everyone’s balanced, calm, it’s time to begin the wine tastings and sample nourishing bites for the rest of the morning.

Stickney Brook Yoga 149 | © Matthew Ragan / Flickr

Wanderlust, North America

Wanderlust takes on a unique retreat-festival-hybrid vibe, with one- and three-day getaways taking place throughout North America. Going way beyond yoga with a cocktail, a retreat with these wellness practitioners features paddleboarding, hiking, crafts, and plenty of foods to choose from. Depending on where you take on your Wanderlust, local breweries and wineries offer samples for guests; there’s also the chance for craft cocktails. From yoga to meditation, multiple stages serve as the platform for the empowering classes held throughout the festival while smaller sessions like AcroYoga and hula-hooping give Wanderlusters the opportunity to try new things in their practices. At Wanderlust, there’s no better way to reflect on the entire retreat than with a refreshing cocktail in hand.


Wanderlust-01-graindivresse | © Grain d’Ivresse / Flickr

Finger Lakes Yogascapes, Canandaigua, New York

Clear waters set the stage for Finger Lakes Yogascapes’ (FLYscapes) seasonal boozy yoga retreats specifically for women that they call FLY by Night. For the warmer months in New York State, there’s FLY by Night’s SUP and SIP. Along with Finger Lakes Yogascapes instructors, guests can head out on the water with a paddleboard beneath them, where they follow a mind-opening class of SUP yoga while floating over the calm Canandaigua Lake. When the cold months set in, FLY hosts “snowga”—which is precisely what it sounds like—yoga in the snow; not to forget the drinks offered at the end of each seasonal celebration. For those not ready to pack up after just one class and drink, FLYscapes also provides glamping weekends full of yoga, meditation, drinks, and a whole lot of bliss.

Courtesy of Finger Lakes Yogascapes

The Lodge at Vail, Vail, Colorado

The mountain town of Vail is Colorado’s winter wonderland, perfect for awareness-opening yoga and belly-warming drinks. At The Lodge at Vail, during the 4-star hotel’s Restore and Rosé yoga class, guests attend a rejuvenating 50 minutes of yoga. After bringing out their inner yogi, Rosé is passed around for guests to toast their newly revived spirits. An even sweeter deal, guests of The Lodge at Vail are welcome to indulge in the yoga and wine classes at no charge.

Rose wine | © Susanne Nilsson / Flickr

Retreat in the Pines, Mineola, Texas

For days filled with yoga, pine-tree forests, some booze, and overall wellness, the brains behind Retreat in the Pines are the experts. Just a couple of hours outside of Dallas, this Texan retreat is open to all women at all levels of yoga and life in general. Not only are there plenty of different yoga classes to fill the days, but there’s also gourmet meals, wine tastings, nature walks, meditation, and brunches where the mimosas keep flowing. Guests stay in the program’s rustically charming cabins, right in the middle of the pines, with a wide range of packages to choose from.

Courtesy of Retreat in the Pines

Wolffer Estate Vineyard, Sagaponack, New York

In the heart of the Hamptons, Wolffer Estate Vineyard offers their weekly Yoga in the Vines when New York’s winter months don’t blanket the estate with snow. Endure Yoga in the Vines’ 60-minute flow class with the winery’s vast vineyards and grounds surrounding you. Early risers will enjoy the morning classes that take place at The Wine Stand. For those who prefer to incorporate dusk into their practice, the PM class takes place inside the Main Estate’s Gazebo. Following certain classes, yogis and winos alike gather for estate wine and hors-d’oeuvres. Classes start at $40 with an additional cost for drinks and bites.

Women’s Quest, Healdsburg, California

Another getaway for the ladies, Women’s Quest doesn’t limit itself to one type of retreat hosted in only one city. Similar to Wanderlust, Women’s Quest offers different retreats geared toward the bettering of the feminine mind, body, and soul, hosting what they refer to as Adventure Retreats all over the world. During their Sonoma Cycling and Yoga Adventure Retreat, guests are treated to yoga, meditation, biking, and wineries all wrapped up in a week in Sonoma Wine Country. A cycling-centric retreat, guests are often following a yoga/meditation practice  as they are also devoted cyclers to some degree—though all levels are welcome. It’s the ultimate mind, body, and spirit connection.

Life Style Post | © Gabriel Garcia Marengo / Flickr

MintnHoney, Las Vegas, Nevada/Zion National Park, Utah

A yoga company based in Las Vegas, MintnHoney’s Wine Yoga class is a popular regular workshop offered at their home base in Nevada. The session features a beginner-friendly yoga flow coupled with the other flow of good wine. And the booze isn’t left behind during MintnHoney’s Balance and Breathe Retreat within Utah’s Zion National Park. Its women instructors designed this three-day retreat with the beginner yogi in mind: full to the brim with activities meant to help the soul recharge, the body breathe better, and the mind relax. Among those activities like horseback riding through the fiery-red Zion cliffs and workshops that challenge the mind’s perception, guests unwind with the favored Wine Yoga during this escape. What better way to get acquainted with a new yoga practice than with Zion Canyon on the horizon and a glass of Pinot Noir or Chardonnay—whichever you fancy—in hand.

yoga pose | © Syed Shameel / Flickr

Hotel Palomar, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

When this Kimpton-owned hotel partnered with Philadelphia’s Philly Yoga Factory, Hotel Palomar’s Asanas and Aperitifs was the result. Every Monday evening, one of Philly Yoga Factory’s own leads a yoga class for both guests and locals-—with or without a hotel reservation. The session, held in Hotel Palomar’s fitness studio, happens to be next door to one of Philadelphia’s top green restaurants and bars Square 1682. Once the last mat is rolled up at Asanas and Aperitifs, yogis can head over and reward their mind-body-soul work with a free glass of beer or wine.

Blackberry Farm, Walland, Tennessee

One of the nation’s most highly regarded gastronomy hubs, Tennessee’s Blackberry Farm specializes in making the body feel good simply by what’s put into it. The resort offers a Deep Healing Woods Yoga class in the grounds’ surrounding forests. With a philosophy concentrating on balance, yoga on Blackberry Farm isn’t complete without a private wine tasting to follow. After centering your mind and body, guests can peruse through the farm’s almost immeasurable wine cellar and sip the estate’s sought-after wines. No need to worry about getting lost through the 160,000-bottle wine cellar, one of Blackberry Farm’s house sommeliers serves as a guide for thirsty yogis that opt for the tasting.

Wine at Saltus | © Ken Hawkins / Flickr

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