The Fancy Macallan x URWERK Flask That Money Can’t Buy


Even if you were willing to shell out $2,575 to buy it, all 500 pieces of The Macallan x URWERK Flask sold out pretty much immediately. The collaboration between the Scottish malt Whiskey company and the Swiss luxury watch company apparently produced a drink container that everyone wanted.

Off the bat, the collaboration was interesting given that The Macallan is steeped in tradition while URWERK is known for their unconventional designs. But nonetheless, what they do have in common is that both strive for excellence. So The Macallan commissioned URWERK to design the best vessel they could to ensure that supreme single malt Whiskey could be properly enjoyed on the go.

Scetch of the Macallan x Urwerk flask
Sketch of the Macallan x Urwerk flask

The Macallan x URWERK Flask is crafted from over 150 parts, beautifully blending form and function. The aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel canteen actually includes two separate 100ml titanium tanks—meaning you can carry two of your fave Macallan Whiskeys at the same time. Plus, winglets placed on the sides can snap out to create a stand to keep the flask upright. There are even cask indicators to keep track of the cask type and age of the Whiskey you’ve poured into the flask.

Macallan x Urwerk flask
Macallan x Urwerk flask

Commenting on the collaboration, Martin Frei, URWERK co-founder and chief designer said, “When we were offered the opportunity to collaborate on this adventure we immediately said yes to the challenge. I knew the flask has to be exciting and daring, while also providing pleasure and I envisioned an object with complex simplicity, just like a good Whiskey.”

So, the next time you find yourself a part of a shooting party on a large estate in Scotland, make sure you’ve packed your The Macallan x URWERK Flask to always have the good stuff on hand. If, however, you missed out on buying one of these fancy flasks, then try your luck with contacting the company here. 

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Originally posted 2017-06-22 07:35:13.

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