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Tattersall Straight Rye Whiskey Hits Market

Rye Whiskey aficionados have been given another reason to raise a glass in celebration with the launch of Tattersall Straight Rye Whiskey.

Tattersall Distilling recently introduced their long-anticipated 100 percent straight Rye Whiskey, distilled on-site in Northeast Minneapolis. A Monongahela style rye, signifying an ultra high rye content in the mash, this particular expression is made up of 85 percent rye and 15 percent malted rye.

Tattersall Straight Rye Whiskey Hits Market
Photo: Tattersall Distilling

The historic Monongahela ryes have their roots in Pennsylvania where George Washington marched against the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794. Yet Tattersall Straight Rye Whiskey is one hundred percent Minnesotan. Sourced from a farm 45 miles North of the distillery, Tattersall Straight Rye is small batch mashed, fermented and distilled in Northeast Minneapolis. It’s aged for two years in charred white oak barrels also sourced and coopered in Northern Minnesota.

The result is a big, bold and spicy rye Whiskey, at once flavorful and incredibly smooth, perfect for sipping or classics like a Manhattan or Old Fashioned.

Tattersall Straight Rye Whiskey Hits Market
Photos: Tattersall Distilling

“Think of this as bourbon’s bolder, northern cousin,” says Jon Kreidler, chief officer, Tattersall Distilling.

“We’ve been planning for this day since we first started discussing building the distillery and we couldn’t be more excited that we finally get to share it with everyone. We’ve already received some incredible feedback from early tastings at our launch party and can’t wait to get it in front of more people.”

Tattersall Straight Rye Whiskey will be available in late-February from a selection of fine liquor stores in the Twin Cities and from Tattersall Distilling while supplies last. 100 Proof and 50 percent alcohol by volume, Tattersall Straight Rye retails for an MSRP of $34.99 for 750ml.

Tattersall Straight Rye Whiskey Hits Market
Photos: Tattersall Distilling

Tattersall Straight Rye Whiskey is the latest fine spirit introduction from Tattersall Distilling, a national leader in craft distilling and one of the fastest growing craft distillers in the United States today.

One of the most successful new craft distillers to emerge in the United States in recent years, Tattersall was founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs Jon Kreidler and Dan Oskey.

Today Tattersall craft spirits and all-natural liqueurs are sold in more than 1,000 on- and off-premise outlets in 17 states across the country with a further 15 new retail markets planned by the close of 2018. Tattersall is headquartered in 28,000 square feet of historic, renovated industrial space in North East Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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