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Tanqueray Rangpur Launches into New Markets

Tanqueray, the bartenders’ favorite Gin, has unveiled a stunning new look for Tanqueray Rangpur alongside the news that it’s extending its distribution into new markets.

Named after an exotic lime which originated from India, Tanqueray Rangpur is a light, easy-drinking Gin with a juicy citrus taste, making it the perfect Gin for the summer.

Since it first launched in 2006, Tanqueray Rangpur has been winning top awards, including Double Gold at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition and is already an established favorite in most of Europe, USA, and Canada. Now, due to popular demand, it will be available in Brazil, Australia, Colombia and Greece from January 2018.

New Design Tanqueray Rangpur Gin

To celebrate this announcement, a new bottle design will also hit the shelves across all markets, shining a light on the zesty flavor and rich, innovative heritage of Tanqueray Rangpur. Through citrus imagery as well as a delicate, Raj-inspired, border in classic Tanqueray green, it tells a visual story of its signature ingredient, Rangpur, a lime which originated from India. For the first time, it also introduces the signature of the brand’s founder – Charles Tanqueray.

Tanqueray Global Marketing Manager, Joanna Segesser said, “It’s an extremely exciting time for Gin. It’s a category which is growing at a phenomenal rate with Tanqueray at the forefront. This is the reason why we are refreshing the look and extending the reach of Tanqueray Rangpur into new countries.

“Like our founder, who searched the globe for the perfect ingredients, we believe that ‘It’s what you put in’ that matters and Tanqueray Rangpur is no different. Distilled with rare Rangpur limes, the result is a distinctive zesty flavor.”

“Our new look bottle reflects this rich heritage and its exotic flavor while paying homage to the ultimate Gin pioneer – Charles Tanqueray.”

New Design Tanqueray Rangpur Gin

As Tanqueray Rangpur continues to reach more consumers, Tanqueray Ginstorian, Jo McKerchar explained that attention to quality and ingenuity has always been at the heart of this brand from the beginning:

“Tanqueray’s founder, Charles Tanqueray, was an innovator in the world of Gin. In 1830 he set out to make the world’s finest Gin. He poured his heart into it, creating over 300 recipes in pursuit of the definitive Gin. It was that same dedication and experimentation that led to the creation of TanquerayRangpur in 2006.

“As other younger brands begin to experiment with their Gin recipes, we are proud of our successful legacy of innovation and experimentation that spans nearly two centuries.”

Tanqueray Rangpur Gin Cocktail

Tanqueray Rangpur joins the award-winning portfolio of Tanqueray that includes Tanqueray London Dry and Tanqueray No. Ten as well as limited editions such as Malacca, Old Tom, and Bloomsbury.

Tanqueray Rangpur has an ABV of 41.3%.

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Over 180 years ago Charles Tanqueray was on a mission to create the world’s finest Gin. He set up his distillery in Bloomsbury, London in 1830 and, after years of experimentation and searching for the finest ingredients, Tanqueray London Dry was born. Since then, Tanqueray has continued to be driven by Charles’ spirit of exploration and innovation and we now have a portfolio including Tanqueray No. Ten, Tanqueray Rangpur and limited editions inspired by Charles’ recipes.

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