Talking Shop with Dalmore’s Master Distiller Richard Paterson

Spreading the Gospel of Whisky

Dalmore’s champagne-finished 50-year vintage single malt

During the 2017 Universal Whisky Experience in Las Vegas, we had the privilege to talk shop with Dalmore’s Master Distiller Richard Paterson. Paterson, a third-generation Whisky blender is 50 years into his iconic career in the Whisky business. He feels as if the five decades have flown by, from his first sip as a kid to his current world tour spreading the gospel of Whisky and pedaling Dalmore 50.

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#1 What is the best glass for drinking Whisky?

Dalmore’s Master Distiller Richard Paterson explains the Copa or Copita Glass.

#2 Richard Paterson explains how to Nose your Whisky.

Hello, how are you? Dalmore's Richard Paterson explains Nosing Whisky.

#3 The Swirl; Never mind the carpet.

Richard Paterson explains the importance of a clean glass. He performs his classic swirl. Never mind the carpet.

#4 Mmmmm…How to get all the notes from a Whisky?

Richard Paterson explains the first and second tasting of whisky and how to get all the notes from the dram.

#5 Which Whisky expressions are you most proud of?

Richard Paterson talks about the rare expressions and gems from his portfolio of Whisky expressions that he created over the years.

#6 What makes a Dalmore Single Malt Whisky exciting?

Richard Paterson explains how he creates an exciting Dalmore Single Malt Whisky for a discerning audience.

#7 Who are your mentors?

Richard Paterson talks about his Great Great Grandfather's love of money as he founded the Bank of England. The love of Whisky came from his grandfather and father.

#8 Where did your nickname The Nose come from?

Dalmore's Master Blender Richard Paterson talks about being called the Nose but foremost about using it properly.

#9 Is there much competition for Scotch Whisky?

Richard Paterson explains why Scotch Whisky is still 51% of the global spirit market.

#10 It’s a highly competitive World we are living in.

It is not all Single Malt Scotch Dalmore is competing with, Richard Paterson explains.

#11 Raising The Dalmore 50 years old.

What goes into creating an expression as The Dalmore 50 years old? Richard Paterson talks about it.

#12 Thinking ahead towards new expressions.

Richard Paterson talks about careful planning ahead and taking care of the future.

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