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Restaurant Sublimotion, Ibiza

No article about gastronomic experiences in Ibiza could pass without mention of Sublimotion, which in many ways redefined the definition of ‘gastronomic experiences’ forever. The concept of this restaurant opened in 2014 by two Michelin-starred chef Paco Roncero, took the idea of Ibiza as a clubbing destination and blended it with the world of fine cuisine… to stunning, mind-bending effect.

The restaurant features a dining room which, when entered, is a pure, plain, empty white space. As the tasting menu starts to arrive, a multi-sensory experience begins: dazzling projections, hallucinogenic, holographic images, music and light combine with the dishes and cocktails served. The food is a combination of Balearic seafood prepared in new and exciting ways by the award-winning kitchen, and experimental dishes which verge on the ridiculous (foie gras doughnuts which float beneath helium balloons shaped like jellyfish…) yet remain utterly delicious. It’s somewhere between a theme park, a restaurant and an acid trip – no wonder it’s regularly hailed as a truly unmissable gastronomic adventure, and the first of its kind.

White Lady Cocktail (14/26)

Restaurant Lio, Ibiza