Gramercy Tavern (4/5)

The final, iconic crown jewel of the Flatiron District would be Gramercy Tavern. With a wonderfully rich history dating back more than two decades, the Flatiron would simply not have the same cachet it now enjoys without this historic landmark establishment.

Guests here have the option of visiting not only one of the best restaurants in the city but can choose the atmosphere they prefer to dine in. The relaxed and easygoing tavern offers coziness, hospitality, and real fellowship with the clientele. Despite the less formal setting, everyone that walks through the door can expect to be treated like a long-lost old friend by the staff.
All the employees here know they have a long and prestigious reputation to uphold, and they do it very well. While the tavern offers a more typical menu, guests should never be under the impression that standard fair is what is to be had here. Along with the exemplary service, guests can expect their meals to be taken to another level by the care and attention taken in the kitchen.

The dining room is another world; it is entirely divided from the laid-back atmosphere emanating from the tavern. The selection of menus will make your head spin in delight. Patrons can find creative and delicious selections from a primarily à la carte menu, or they can sample one of the fantastic tasting menus, including a vegetable tasting menu.
42 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003, Tel (212) 477-0777

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