Cotton Beach Club

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Cotton Beach Club, Ibiza

This increasingly popular restaurant uses simple design and bright, airy spaces to create the ultimate relaxing dining experience. Indeed, as the name suggests, pretty much everything at the Cotton Beach Club is made from pure, white cotton – a brilliantly minimalistic touch which conjures up a sensation of utter comfort, and effortless style, grace and glamour. The menu itself takes standards from across the Mediterranean; plenty of seafood, as one might expect, alongside vast bowls of moules, beautifully cooked paella, and even some seriously good Neapolitan style pizza. The dedication to excellence seen in these dishes is carried over to the restaurant’s main attraction: the cocktail menu, which is long, experimental, and prepared by Ibiza’s finest and most affable mixologists.

Hacienda na Xamena

Barrel Aged Old Fashioned

Barrel-Aged Maple Old Fashioned (19/26)