Candle 79 (1/5)

From the moment you walk through the elegant entrance to Candle 79, you are transported to another world entirely. This establishment is renowned for its impeccable service, upscale atmosphere, and its diverse, eclectic, and sublime vegan menu offerings. The mission behind Candle 79 is to provide its guests with outstanding meals that highlight the relationships between environmental sustainability, sound vegan organic nutrition, and the physical and mental well-being of diners.

The dinner menu is nothing short of amazing, with its wide variety of starters, side dishes, entrees, and desserts. A beautiful combination is:

The starter Mezze Plate—a generously sized portion of dippable condiments, such as organic in-house hummus, baba ghanoush, and almond tzatziki, with olives and paratha bread

The indescribable wild mushroom crepe, with its savory filling that combines mushrooms, garlic truffle aioli, and a selection of fall vegetables, all accompanied by a crispy and refreshing beet arugula salad. A bottle (or simply a glass) of the Chateau Maris Syrah compliments this meal tremendously.

Finish off your dining experience with a slice of their seductively sweet and spicy Live Sweet Potato Pie, paired with a macchiato or mochaccino, for the perfect ending to this meal.

154 East 79th Street at Lexington Avenue | New York, NY 10021 Tel: (212) 537-7179

Per Se (2/5)