Raise the bar “one snifter at a time”!

Brandy Library is an upmarket bar in the heart of Tribeca, New York City.

Brandy Library

Promising to raise the bar “one snifter at a time,” Brandy Library is an upmarket bar in the heart of Tribeca, New York City. This is where soothing spirits and exceptional service combine, which is why Brandy Library has been the destination of choice for many of NYC’s liquor lovers since 2004.

Brandy Library is luxury liquor at its very best, headed by a French spirits expert, author, and businessman who created this business as a way of showcasing his passion to the world.

The Beginning

Flavien Desoblin, Photo credit YouTube
Flavien Desoblin, Photo credit YouTube

Flavien Desoblin is the man behind the brand. Born and raised in Burgundy, France—most famous for the rich, deep wine of the same name—Desoblin has won awards for his excellence and his knowledge. He has also written two books on distilling and has diplomas and degrees in the fields of wines, spirits, and distilling.

Desoblin founded Brandy Library in 2004. It is located in Lower Manhattan, an area considered one of the most desirable in all of NYC, with a wealthy populace that craves quality and often embraces premium retailers like Brandy Library. Tribeca is home to countless celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, and it’s also popular with successful entrepreneurs. As a result, there is no shortage of wealthy clientele keen to sample the high-end product on offer.

“With greater understanding comes a greater appreciation.” — Flavien Desoblin

Brandy Library New York
Brandy Library New York

Immersive atmosphere

The aesthetics of Brandy Library is much like the drink from which it takes its name. It’s dark, it’s soothing, it’s warm, and it’s immensely pleasurable from the first sip to the last. There are expert servers and sommeliers on hand to guide you through the menu and explain the history, provenance, and tasting notes of the drinks, while the menu gives you access to the sort of fine liquors that are typically out of reach to the average consumer.

The Brandy Library offers over 1600 spirits from all over the world; they also sell food. They’re known for Gougeres gruyère cheese napoleons, a specialty from burgundy. But this is primarily a bar. Customers come here to sample a selection of finest liquors from an extensive menu, all of which is consumed within the cozy confines of the bar. Think of Brandy Library like a fine restaurant but with the world’s best liquors taking the place of Michelin Star cuisine.

Pouring cognac
Pouring cognac

Their menu offers an extensive selection of spirits, wines, and cocktails. There is also a small sample of food designed to complement each drink. You can drop by for their dinner menu or for one of their seasonal menus, sampling a pre-selected assortment of food and drink over three or four courses. You can also simply choose your own food and drink, staying for as long as you want and enjoying as much or as little as you need.

Learning experience

Not only is Brandy Library a great place to unwind, to indulge, and to experience rare drinks, but it’s also a great place to learn. They offer classes on fine liquors, brandy tasting, wine tasting, and more. What’s more, they promise to provide an unbiased view. Producers, manufacturers, and marketing agencies are not involved during any stage, which means the customer gets an honest opinion and a guarantee that drinks are chosen because of quality and rarity.

For the connoisseur, this is another chance to sample an unbiased selection of fine spirits. For the amateur drinker, this is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge of brown spirits.

With a greater understanding comes a greater appreciation, so these classes are recommended to everyone who wants to become more acquainted with the world’s finest liquors.

Brandy Library Tribeca
Brandy Library Tribeca

The Spirit Collection

Bars like Brandy Library are a great way to sample the world’s oldest liquors without paying the full-bottle price. Of course, you can purchase by the bottle if you want, but the best way to enjoy Brandy Library is to order by the snifter, sampling the many great spirits on show and traveling a world of taste in one evening.

The Brandy Library menu includes the following aged spirits:

Scotch: This drink is a favorite with many New York natives, and is said to be the drink of choice for top NYC chef Anthony Bourdain, as well as Manhattan-born Lady Gaga. Some of the best-blended scotch on the Brandy Library menu include a limited edition Johnny Walker Honour and a rare 15-year-old Usquaebach.
Their single malt options include a snifter from the limited edition Devil’s Punch Bowl series by Arran, a 25-year-old Highland Park, a 30-year-old Jura, and a 41-year-old Ladyburn.

Cognac: In 2010, Desoblin was named “Cognac Personality of the Year.” This is a favorite drink of his, which is why there is such an eclectic offering of Cognac on the menu. This includes their own private barrel, which is 86 proof and 22 years old; a 1976 Chateau de Beaulon; an assortment of rare Courvoisier bottles; a 1968 Grosperrin; and some of the finest Rémy Martin bottles ever produced.

American Spirits: Desoblin understands quality and appreciates that you often have to travel a long way to find the very best spirits. But he is also keen to showcase the best spirits from the Americas, and there is no shortage of quality on offer here either. The Brandy Library collection includes everything from dark, sweet, and sumptuous Caribbean rum, to light and spicy Mexican Mescal, to cozy Kentucky bourbon.

More: You will also find a large selection of Armagnac, one that is almost as diverse as their Cognac selection; an assortment of the finest Calvados; and an offering of Irish and Japanese whiskeys.

Make no mistake, Brandy Library is all about spirits; it’s all about quality, and it’s all about offering the best of everything. If this is your passion, then Brandy Library is like a soothing mirage emerging out of the chaos of the Big Apple that becomes a connoisseur’s oasis.[/sociallocker]

The Brandy Library, 25 N Moore St, New York, NY 10013, Phone 212-226-5545

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