Purity Vodka Hits US Market

Purity Vodka, the ultra-premium, award-winning Swedish organic vodka, announced recently the product’s launch in the U.S. market.

The brand maintains that this is a truly premium product because, over the last year, Purity Vodka has dominated blind tasting competitions. The liquor has taken home a record number of highly sought-after awards, including being named as “Best Vodka in the World 2017” by The International Wine & Spirit Competition, simply because of what the brand says is an ‘incomparable taste’.


Created by world-renowned Master Blender, Thomas Kuuttanen, Purity Vodka has redefined the elevated spirits category with its unprecedented thirty-four times distillation process and utilization of the finest organic ingredients for an exceptionally smooth, non-burning yet complex tasting vodka.

“I discovered that 34 distillations created magic – the perfect cut,” says Purity Vodka’s Master Blender, Thomas Kuuttanen. “By combining different distillation techniques with traditional craftsmanship, we developed a one-of-a-kind, elevated vodka that features a slow distillation process, giving the vodka a smooth, non-burning finish.”

Purity Vodka’s distinction can be found in the process by which the chosen ingredients are blended and refined. Made from organic winter wheat and barley, Purity Vodka comes to life in a handcrafted copper and gold still where each blend yields only a small batch, which is never rushed, as to not compromise quality. Thirty-four distillations are what elevates Purity Vodka resulting in a bouquet for the senses – a rich mélange of lime, nougat, and white chocolate, and a fantastically smooth, non-burning finish on the palate.


“Being Swedish, vodka is an important spirit for us culturally,” says Thomas Kuuttanen. “After ten years of perfecting the water formula, distillery process, and ingredients, I’m thrilled to introduce this ideology to US consumers with a premium vodka made to entice a new generation of Martini sophisticates with its elevated taste. We look forward to success in the states, and are excited to see what lies ahead for the brand.”

Purity Vodka continues to reign as the go-to vodka brand for elite bartenders and spirits aficionados alike, receiving over 150 Gold Medals in international blind tasting competitions around the world, and in 2017 alone, the brand took home the following awards:

  • The International Wine & Spirit Competition – Best Vodka in the World 2017 / Vodka Producer of the Year 2017
  • The Ultimate Spirits Challenge – Best Vodka in the US Market 2017
  • Asian Spirit Masters – Best Vodka in the Asian Market 2017
  • The Vodka Spirits Masters – Vodka of the Year 2017
  • New York International Spirits Competition – Organic Vodka of the Year 2017

With its heritage based in the 13th century Ellinge Castle in southern Sweden, the aim of Purity Vodka has always been to produce an outstanding spirit, one that relies on artistry, dedication and a vision of being the best in the world. Created by Master Blender Thomas Kuuttanen, the heart of Purity Vodka is distilled 34 times using a specially designed still made of copper and gold, creating a spirit so refined that no filtration is necessary. To taste Purity Vodka is to know that it’s different and superior to the herd. An elevated spirit. Even more than a drink, we think of Purity® Vodka as an elevated experience – making each occasion a special one. After all, life means so much more when it’s complemented by perfection.

Purity Vodka is certified organic and gluten-free and can be found at select retailers nationwide for $29.99.

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