Patrón en LALIQUE: Serie 2

By forging a unique combination of Mexico’s mastery of artisanal Tequila and France’s crown jewel of the crystal industry, Patrón Tequila and LALIQUE have come together once more for an exclusive collaboration which culminates in the all-new Patrón en LALIQUE: Serie 2.

Back in 2015, Patrón and LALIQUE released the first in this landmark series, Patrón en LALIQUE: Serie 1. That sought-after crystal decanter was influenced by René Lalique’s early Art Nouveau style, which he pushed through in the late 19thth century. In the 1920s, René was one of the moving spirits and principal influencers of Art Déco.

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Following that development, for Patrón en LALIQUE: Serie 2, LALIQUE’s master artisans have created a truly classy crystal decanter inspired by Lalique’s signature Art Déco design and avant-garde vision. Both France and Mexico share a claim to the Art Déco movement, and this one-off bottle captures that collective design vision.

“Both Patrón and LALIQUE are likeminded in our steadfast dedication and commitment to quality and craftsmanship. It’s what first brought us both together two years ago to create this first-of-its-kind collaboration, and those bonds are just as strong today as we proudly introduce the second release in this groundbreaking series,” says Ed Brown, President, and CEO of Patrón Spirits International.


Silvio Denz, Chairman, and CEO of LALIQUE says, “We are proud to partner with Patrón again in this second edition. Our two brands share strong and mutual values of creativity, and artistry, both striving for uncompromising quality and excellence.

Creating such an exceptional decanter is very challenging and represents countless hours of work due to the finesse of the design. Our master craftsmen put all of their savoir-faire and passion into producing each bottle, signifying their unwavering commitment to mastery and beauty.”

Just 299 bottles of Patrón en LALIQUE: Serie 2 have been made, each carefully handmade and individually numbered at LALIQUE’s glass factory in Wingen-sur-Moder, in Alsace, France. In this region of incredible glassmaking tradition, LALIQUE’s dedicated glassmakers combine an exceptional knowledge of modern techniques and traditional skills throughout the complex crystal making process. Each piece is blown, pressed, fashioned, cut, engraved, polished and signed.

The bottle is characterized by straight lines and the elegant difference between clear and frosted finishes, emblematic of LALIQUE’s iconic, signature style. Its simple yet truly high-end design was inspired by Mexico’s indigenous Weber Blue Agave plant from which Tequila is fabricated.

The decanter’s rounded crystal stopper is amber in color, to go along with the hue of the extra añejo Tequila inside the bottle, and features Patrón’s iconic bee emblem, detailed in pure gold enamel. The bottle is presented in an equally elegant display case, which rotates to reveal the bottle and stopper, making for a truly dramatic presentation, whether at home or in a bar or fine restaurant.


That’s not all. It’s not only the bottle that has been so painstakingly crafted. For Patrón en LALIQUE: Serie 2, Patrón’s Master Distiller Francisco Alcaraz and his gifted team created an exceptional blend of extra añejo Tequilas, aged in the barrel room at the Hacienda Patrón distillery in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, for an average of more than seven years.

Tequila from three different types of barrels was carefully hand selected to create the perfect balance of agave and oak for this release: American oak, French oak, and Spanish Sherry. Patrón en LALIQUE: Serie 2 extra añejo Tequila is marked by its bright crystalline color, with a sweet aroma and taste of fruit (apple, banana, and pear), vanilla, light agave, raisin, and pecans. The finish is long and pleasing, with notes of oak, agave, caramel, and fruit.

Patrón en LALIQUE: Serie 2 (750ml) retails for the suggested price of US$7,500 at fine spirits retailers and in select duty-free stores across the world.

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