Partner Vermouth Unveiled by Splinter Group Spirits

Splinter Group Spirits, producers of Straight Edge Kentucky Bourbon, Slaughter House American Whiskey and Whip Saw Rye have introduced Partner Vermouth.

A wholly redesigned and re-imagined sweet vermouth from the gardens, orchards, and vineyards of California wine country, Partner Vermouth is a blend of fortified wine, fresh cherries and exotic spices. It’s delicious neat, over ice or as the perfect partner in cocktails such as the Manhattan, Rob Roy and Negroni.


Partner Vermouth was created by winemaker Steve Matthiasson, who is one of the master blenders behind Straight Edge, Slaughter House, and Whip Saw.

“Vermouth is fortified wine infused with botanicals which date back to the origins of the wine itself. The Caesars and Pharaohs of the ancient world had their own royal recipes, as did the common folk on their farms. It was considered to have medicinal properties—as well as being delicious,” explained Steve Matthiasson.

Today’s artisan cocktail culture, with its emphasis on quality ingredients, has sparked a renewed interest in craft Vermouth. Partner Vermouth is a blend of Merlot and Petite Sirah, heightened with fresh Tartarian cherries from Lodi, California, then layered with spices from around the world including Smoked Black Cardamom, Star Anise, Indian Coriander, Allspice, Blessed Thistle, Eucalyptus leaf, Fennel seed, Chinchona bark and Wormwood, and is sweetened with organic sugar.


Partner Vermouth is distinctively deep ruby-purple in color, smoky and exotic on the nose, fruity on the palate, with a long finish that cleans up with bitter herbs.

Vermouth is an aromatized and fortified wine that can be either dry or sweet. The dry style is famously an ingredient of the Martini cocktail; the sweet version is a key component in classic Manhattan recipes. The name “Vermouth” dates to mid-17th century Europe. It is the French pronunciation of the German word wermut, for Wormwood, which has been used as an ingredient throughout Vermouth’s history.

Partner Vermouth is available at fine drinking establishments and purveyors on a limited release basis nationally. Bottle size is 375mL available in six-bottle packs, alcohol is 17.5% and the suggested retail price is $25.

A collaboration between Vintage Wine Estates and the Wilkinson Family, Splinter Group Spirits is a winemaker-crafted spirits producer based in Napa Valley, California. Marques include Straight Edge Kentucky Bourbon, Slaughter House American Whiskey, Whip Saw Rye and Partner Vermouth. Renowned winemakers and whiskey aficionados Steve Matthiasson and Bob Cabral assemble the blends which are then finished in French oak barrels which previously held fine wines.


According to Splinter Group: “At The Splinter Group, we’re dedicated to the Art of the Blend. Our spirits are artfully crafted, then blended and cask-finished under the guidance of renowned winemakers, Bob Cabral and Steve Matthiasson. Our distinctive technique of cask-finishing in experienced wine barrels lends our spirits a little something extra; more spice, supple texture, complexity, and – we think – more conviviality.”

Partner Vermouth is described by the company as “Smokey and exotic on the nose, fruity on the palate, with a long finish that cleans up with the bitter herbs, Partner Vermouth works in a cocktail, on ice, or simply neat.”

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