Nant Takeover Finalised

Nant Single Malt Whisky

After announcing an AU$3 million ($2.37 million) agreement with The Nant Group for the purchase of Nant Whisky in October last year, the private equity group Australian Whisky Holdings (AWH) has now completed the acquisition.

The sale specifically applies to the purchase of the Nant Distillery and the Nant Estate in Boswell, Tasmania.

In a statement released on Thursday 3 August, AWH said that that the group now has “undisputed and outright ownership” of all means of production for Nant Whisky.

AWY said that it would focus on resuming the production and marketing of Nant Whisky, its continued management of the Nant barrel investment scheme, and the acquisition of Whisky from Nant barrel scheme investors.

Nant Distillery (Source)

After Keith Batt, founder of The Nant Group, filed for bankruptcy in February of 2017, AWY is made the move to take on AU$5.5 million ($4.35 million) of Nant debts and liabilities, after due diligence.

Upon signaling their intentions AWY said that more than 700 Whisky casks sold under Nant Distilling Company’s barrel investment scheme were never fully realized. As a result, the group has offered to buy back the more mature barrels from investors and to also put down a deposit on those which are still to fully mature. Once they reach the point of maturation, AWY has said that it will pay the deposits in full.

Now, after the Nant Group confirmed that the acquisition deal would not go ahead, AWY have confirmed that the company will instead launch its own distilling operation on Nant’s Tasmanian estate.

With a range of single malt Whisky matured in American oak sherry casks, French oak port casks, American oak Bourbon casks, and French oak pinot noir casks, Nant has gained itself a reputation as a top quality Whisky throughout Australia and indeed the world.

Nant Pinot Noir Wood (Source)

According to enthusiasts, Nant Whisky possesses a nose of spicy red fruits, with cranberries, cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg.

With a rich, creamy palate that’s packed with spice and buttery flavors, the Whisky also gained a reputation among aficionados for its lengthy caramel-infused finish.

The brand’s main expression is a standard Single Malt Whisky. However, there are several other editions such as the Nant Single Cask Port Wood, Nant Homestead Reserve, and Nant Sherry Wood, among many others.

AWY said in a statement: “This (the sale) brings to an end any disruption to the production and marketing of the world-class Nant Whisky. AWY is now continuing with decanting and bottling of AWY-owned Nant Whiskey and bottling at the renowned AWY-owned Nant Estate located at Bothwell, Tasmania.”

“Settlement of the acquisition also brings a formal end to the Federal Court proceedings initiated by the Receivers as between the Receivers, AWY and certain of its related entities.”

Nant CEO Keith Batt (Source)

“AWY is pleased to be returning its focus to the production, marketing and selling of Whisky products as distilled at the Nant Estate under the Nant brands, and to its continued management of the Nant barrel investment scheme and the acquisition of Whisky from the Nant barrel scheme investors.”

“The Nant Estate Whisky distillery at Bothwell, Tasmania is now open for tours, tastings, and functions.”

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