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Monkey Shoulder Showcase ‘The Monkey Mixer’

Monkey Shoulder, the blended malt Scotch Whisky, is bringing the fun back to serious cocktails in a big way, with the introduction of The Monkey Mixer. Drawing cheeky inspiration from a cement truck’s design, the traditional cocktail shaker has been upgraded and transformed into the ultimate cocktail machine.

The Monkey Mixer, which can hold up to 2,400 gallons of liquid, resembles a cement truck, complete with rotating drum, or in this case, cocktail shaker, and will visit select cities in the USA beginning with its debut at Arizona Cocktail Week (February 17-19). Monkey Shoulder’s US Ambassador, Seb Derbomez and Brand Associate, Tobias Schopf, will be on hand to present the colossal cocktail shaker to attendees, serving the Mixed-Up Monkey cocktail from the machine’s chute, and sharing the Monkey Shoulder mission.


Monkey Shoulder has received numerous accolades including designation as Drinks International‘s Top Trending Scotch Whisky Brand of 2017, its fourth consecutive win in the category, and receiving the World Spirits Competition 2016 Double Gold honor. Since its launch, Monkey Shoulder has sought to challenge perceptions about Scotch Whisky and redefine expectations for cocktails, with a focus on being a resource and inspiration for the bartending community.


Monkey Shoulder has developed fantastic, cheeky tools such as the iSpoon and Konga Shaker that impart a sense of fun and spectacle while celebrating the craftsmanship required in building a quality cocktail. The Monkey Mixer is the next step, and a large one at that, in this mission.

“Many consider Whisky sacred and precious. Many take their cocktails very seriously. We respect that, but believe people should play with their Whisky, and enjoy the experience,” shared Seb Derbomez, US Monkey Shoulder Ambassador.

“Monkey Shoulder is an award-winning Whisky that is made for mixing, and we are dedicated to sharing the joy and wonder of what a Whisky cocktail experience can be with people across the country. The Monkey Mixer is a great vehicle to share this message in a big and unmistakable way.”

“For this first event, we’ve chosen to offer the Mixed-Up Monkey cocktail, a mixture of Monkey Shoulder, mint syrup, soda, and lemon juice chosen for its universality and its playfully fun use of the Whisky,” remarked Derbomez.

“With this cocktail, you can see just how mixable Monkey Shoulder really is – a truly cheeky addition to any cocktail!”


Following its Arizona debut, The Monkey Mixer will travel to select cocktail festivals and other surprise locations in the USA throughout 2018.

“I can’t wait to share Monkey Shoulder, The Monkey Mixer, and this experience with mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts as we travel to some of the country’s top spirits events this year,” added Derbomez.

“Of course, we take safety and responsibility very seriously, so driving time and cocktail time will always be separate – as they always should be. We encourage all to imbibe responsibly always, and never drink and drive.”

With an eye-catching bottle, intriguing name and a mischievous attitude, Monkey Shoulder have created a stir as the Scotch that leaps out from the Whisky crowd. Monkey Shoulder is a marriage of selected 100 percent malt Whisky from Speyside, Scotland. It is crafted in small batches to achieve a smoother, richer taste. The 86 proof (43% ABV) Whisky is made from 100 percent malted barley – not a drop of grain is used – and aged exclusively in first-fill Bourbon barrels for exceptional smoothness. On its own, Monkey Shoulder is smooth and rich, while its versatility allows for a wide range of great tasting cocktails.

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Whiskey Forever: Building the Infinity Bottle, photo credit Lizzie Munro

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