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Monaco Yacht Show

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Known for its classy, historical setting and visual appeal, Monaco is a very popular tourist destination. A city-state of great wealth, it showcases a vast array of man-made beauty and splendor, all set against a dazzling backdrop of the Alps. The summer months are intense, with a divine climate and busy tourist season. Visitors to Monaco are surrounded by the multitude of fancy cars, beautiful outdoor cafes and restaurants, and the area’s natural beauty, with streets lined by palm trees, gardens of brightly colored flowers, and the dashing scenery of mountain and sea.

Tourists marvel at Monaco because of its architectural heritage built on the shores of the Mediterranean. Its location can be likened to an artwork, one featuring a palette of pale, neutral tones that are accentuated by intricate details and elegant enhancements. The character is hard to miss given the well-preserved history of the area. It’s also home to the famous Monte Carlo Casino, which is a must-see landmark featuring dramatically detailed décor and incredible views of the surrounding region.

Monaco is a very well-run, well-organized, and safe place to visit. Every fall, one of its main attractions is the Monaco Yacht Show, which takes place in Port Hercules. The show features over 580 exhibits, always on the cutting-edge of the industry, and over 40 different unique new boats. Every year, the show attracts a myriad of visitors, from yacht designers to guests who appreciate quality workmanship, all of who share an everlasting enthusiasm for open water.

These three yachts give a taste of the kind of boats featured at the annual showcase:

Galantica Super Nova
Galantica Super Nova

Galactica Super Nova

The Galactica Super Nova has a modern, upscale, recreational look, featuring a lustrous interior and illuminated wall panels that are part of its interior bar. This leads to a walkout, open deck with modest lounge chairs, perfect for relaxing while contemplating the beautiful views. Additional features include television viewing and living areas.

And that’s just the lower deck. The upper deck features a gorgeous sundeck with beautiful patio tables and chairs, designed for enjoying great conversation in good company. Luxurious lounge seating at the outermost edge of the sundeck is perfect for basking in the sun’s light as it reflects off the water.

Soy Amor

The Soy Amor is highlighted by an exterior parlor, an area that resembles a comfortable patio. The space is reminiscent of a quaint restaurant. A great place to entertain guests with plenty of elegant, comfortable lounge-style seating, it is a unique way to enjoy the sun while cruising the open waters.

Complete with a television and a kitchenette area, the Soy Amor has a railed open area along the edge of the yacht, enabling guests to get up close and personal, experiencing the real feel of yachting. This carefully designed detail creates a great place to take a break from life and really take in the entire experience of being on the sea.


An almost mythical yacht, the Unicorn is appropriately named because of its glitzy, glamorous sitting area that features shimmering, champagne colored décor and gold-toned accents throughout the interior. The ambiance creates a very welcoming environment, with a grandiose, yet comfy look and feel.

Located off the ship’s main area, there is a wine cellar and a full-dining area, featuring a long dinner table and oversized chairs for entertaining guests. The Unicorn is tastefully embellished with mirrors and a luminescent, neutral-tone marbled floor, which opens up the space by reflecting ambient light, making the lower level a bright and spacious place to gather. This yacht is magnificent, reminiscent of a hotel lobby, with a miniature bar and restaurant-like area.

These extravagant yachts, and many more, can be found every year at the Monaco Yacht Show. It’s an exclusive event, with superb yacht construction recognized with awards in four categories: the MYS/RINA for the eco-friendliest superyacht, the MYS interior design award, the MYS exterior design award, and the finest new superyacht award.

The 2017 Monaco Yacht Show will take place from September 27th to the 30th, attracting fall tourism to the area. A top-floor room overlooking the harbor in the event’s host, the Hotel Hermitage, is one of the best places to take-in the show in its entirety, before heading down for further viewing. If you’ve never visited Monaco, the Yacht Show is a perfect excuse to do so.

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-Port Hercule Monaco-
27-30 SEPTEMBER 2017

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