Men’s Custom Tailoring – London vs Naples

From structured shoulder pads and stiff materials to lightweight dinner jackets and pastel colors, London and Naples both have their very distinct, historical custom tailor designs. Depending on your personal style and the occasion, each of the two cities can offer something very different and unique—whether you are walking down the streets of Naples or looking for the best tailor in London, you are guaranteed to leave with a luxurious, high-fashion experience and a timeless suit.

The Custom Tailoring Experience

Besides being functional and practical, visiting a salon for custom tailoring is also a luxurious fashion experience. Instead of ordering a suit online or grabbing one in a hurry, spending time choosing the perfect suit and getting the right measurements is definitely important for a good fitting. As one of the classic closet must-haves that have a timeless design, it is worth investing time in choosing the right suit, and we recommend checking out different options and styles before deciding where you would like to have a custom tailoring.

The London Style

The history of suits made in London goes all the way back to the 1800s when the very first tailored suits were created for the elite of bankers, politicians, and officers. The very first traditional suits were very similar to today’s London style: Made from stiff materials, these suits had a very classic, “serious” and structured design which were completed with broad shoulders and pads. As it was originally designed for high class, noble British people, and the military elite and had to be practical in colder weather as well, these suits were the definition of elegance and a go-to for formal events. The most well-known London tailors stayed true to the classic English traditions, and the capital of England still offers variously hidden treasure chests for custom tailored suits.

The Neapolitan Style

On the other hand, Italian fashion houses and designers such as Armani and Zegna decided to go with a different, very “Italian” point of view. Instead of the structured British design, the Italian suit features a more lightweight overall design. The shoulders are less stiff, the materials are softer, and the silhouette of the suits is usually slimmed down to fit the body perfectly. Because of the material choices, the Neapolitan suits naturally follow the shape of the body and besides channeling a more relaxed look, they have also become a great, comfortable casual suit option. The Neapolitan suits perfectly represent the Italian lifestyle with every little detail from the unstructured shoulders to the fitted silhouette and the flapless pockets.

The Main Differences

After learning more about their fashion history, the difference between the two styles and cities can be easily found: While London tailors offer a very classic, stiff silhouette that will give you a throwback to the 1800s with a masculine edge, Neapolitan tailors will give you a relaxed, “Italian” experience with a slimmed silhouette and a lightweight design that you can wear to any occasion, even with a pair of jeans.

Which Style to Choose?

Because of their aesthetic and style, both Naples and London offer something very different. While a suit custom-created in London would be perfect for formal events and special occasions, a suit created in Naples can become a more versatile, almost “casual” piece in your wardrobe that you can mix and match with various other styles as well. If you prefer to keep it traditional and would like a suit that reminds you of the very first designs, we recommend you visiting London for a custom tailor appointment—while with a Neapolitan suit, you will own a suit that offers a new type of versatility in your daily fashion choices. No matter which city caught your attention, you are guaranteed to have an amazing fashion experience and a timeless, classy suit that will be with you for decades.

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