Louis XIII ‘The Origin 1874’ Unveiled

Louis XIII

French liquor behemoth Rémy Martin has unveiled its Louis XIII Time Collection series in Hong Kong under the name ‘The Origin – 1874’.

With an asking price of HK$62,800 (US$8,028), the Cognac is sure to attract an exclusive clientele.

Stored in an exclusive decanter, the Cognac follows the famous Louis XIII blend of up to 1,200 different Eaux-de-vie taken solely from the Grande Champagne region of France.

Louis XIII

The name of ‘The Origin – 1874’ comes from the style of decanter used, which was originally created in 1874.

Indeed, each new edition purports to relay the story of a particular period of the legendary brand’s colorful history. This edition, that of ’The Origin – 1874’, is the very first in a run of exclusive decanters relaying key milestones in the Rémy Martin’s history that are set to be released once every two years.

According to the Rémy Martin, the design of the decanter is based on the design of the oldest decanters used 142 years ago, from the incident of Paul-Émile Rémy Martin, the company’s founder, purchasing an old flask found by a farmer in a field near Jarnac, which had been a historic French battle ground.

Eric Vallat (source)

According to the Spirits Business, he was “inspired by its striking shape and regal fleur-de-lys medallions, he decided to create a decanter in its image for a special Cognac made with only the very oldest and rarest Eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne in his cellars.”

“At that time, the decanter’s distinctive features included 13 dentelle spikes (and not the usual 10 spikes used today) and a unique stopper in the form of an upturned decanter (instead of a fleur-de-lys). The neck and collar seal is in a ‘Champagne-gold’ hue, exclusive to this edition.” said the Spirits Business.

Ludovic du Plessis, Louis XIII Global Executive Director, said: “The greatest stories often have humble beginnings and ours is no exception. It was 1874 and a new, yet very old Cognac was born. A true act of genius, housed in a decanter so unmistakable it has traveled through five centuries and still lives on today.

“‘The Origin – 1874’ marks one of the landmark moments in Louis XIII’s fascinating story, and it will become part of your own personal legacy and tale.”

Hong Kong (source)

As a Hong Kong edition only, this special edition will be available in the Remfly Wines & Spirits store in the island’s Wanchai district.

In June, The Financial Times reported a resurge in sales of Rémy Martin Cognac in the Far-East. After a government crackdown on bribery, which directly affected the Chinese practice of “gifting” expensive spirits, the market is once more on the up.

In late 2016, Rémy opened a boutique dedicated to their Louis XIII mark in a luxury mall in Shanghai, which has since been performing exceptionally well. Starting from $3,000 per bottle, the Cognac has in recent years found its most loyal market in mainland China.

Speaking to Fortune, the Remy Cointreau division’s chief executive, Eric Vallat, said: “We hit rock bottom but a faithful client base remained on which to build. The anti-graft crisis had one benefit in that it led clients to refocus on buying for themselves and family. This individual consumption is much more sustainable.”
“We think this upturn is very sustainable but reasonable. It is not going super fast but it is very healthy.”

Only time will tell whether the newest evolution of Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII Cognac – “ The Origin 1874” expression – will prove as successful as the former releases in the Far-East. Based on recent trends, however, the brand will only continue to grow in what is an ever-growing, ever more lucrative market.

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