Lost Spirits Win Top Award


Lost Spirits Distillery LLC, one of the world’s leading innovators in distilled spirits, announced recently that it has been awarded a Global Master award for its new experiential distillery by The Spirits Business Magazine, London. 

The Global Spirit Masters series is a highly regarded annual industry competition recognizing excellence among distilleries spanning the globe. This is not the first time Lost Spirits has taken home top honors.  In 2015 the distillery was named Global Innovator of the Year. It has furthermore been awarded multiple best-of-class titles for its rums and peated malts.


The Spirits Business Magazine awarded Best Consumer Experience to Lost Spirits Distillery. It was the only distillery in North America to obtain this accolade, and one of only two distilleries worldwide to take home the highest honor, the Global Master title. “With thousands of new distilleries opening around the world, we wanted to create an experience that was as inventive as our spirits. We’re known for radical concepts in Whisky and Rum. We’re delighted to be recognized for what we have created,” says Co-Founder of Lost Spirits, Bryan Davis.

In addition to this industry award, entertainment experts agree that a visit to the Lost Spirits Distillery is an outstanding experience. For example, Forbes Magazine entertainment writer Steven Baltin wrote earlier this month, “Forget The Hollywood Studios, (Lost Spirits) is the Best Tour in LA.”


The Lost Spirits Distillery tour transports consumers into a theatrical universe involving talking computers, jungle boat rides, and a deranged carousel. The spirits are experienced in rooms designed to mimic the imaginary environments that inspired the creation of each Rum, Whisky and Brandy expression. Rums are sampled in a candlelit jungle, peated malts are sipped in a safari tent deep in a bamboo forest, allowing customers to enjoy the distillery’s celebrated products in a radically new way.

According to an article published in the June 2017 edition of WIRED Magazine, Lost Spirits Distillery is “The Willy Wonka Factory of Booze.”

At present tours are limited to just 10 people per tour. Reservations are required well in advance as spots fill up quickly and are consistently sold out. The distillery is not open to the public.

According to the distillery: “Since 2010 Lost Spirits rums and Whiskies have been flirting with the very definition of Rum and Whisk(e)y. A few inquisitive people found us at our original Monterey County distillery. Much more discovered us at our Silicon Valley laboratory where we made distilled spirits history in 2014. We would like to invite you to discover us at the new re-imagined Los Angeles distillery.”


“Lost Spirits strives towards what we know to be impossible, perfection. In that pursuit, we break rules, defy traditions, and invent new techniques. Our innovative ethos has won us numerous best in class awards and the title “global master of innovation” from The Spirits Business Magazine. The Lost Spirits Navy Rum is definitively our flagship spirit.”

“In our early years, before the groundbreaking inventions, awards, and elaborate Willie Wonkaesque distillery, we were lovers and makers of heavily peated Whisky. In 2017 we returned to our roots with the abomination line of peated malts.  Made from spirit sourced in Islay and transformed in California, this line will challenge the bedrock of what is known to be possible and impossible.”

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