Hennessy Launches New Tour

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For more than 250 years now, Hennessy has been setting the standards for excellence in the Cognac industry. There is surely no other brand in the world of luxury beverages that inspires such respect as the legendary French Maison.

Now, the world’s best-selling Cognac has opened its doors to the public with the new Les Visites Hennessy experience. Entirely unique among the Cognac brands of the eponymous French region, the tour takes visitors through ultra-modern surrounds within the walls of Hennessy’s centuries-old property. It is this blend of heritage and the contemporary that makes Hennessy the runaway success that we know today.

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Selling around 50 million bottles a year, more than 40 percent of the global supply, Hennessy remains at the forefront of the global Cognac industry. With the new experience, guests will gain a finer understanding of what exactly makes Hennessy different from the competition.

With a multi-sensory “360 degrees vision” of the Maison’s universe, that includes exhibitions on Hennessy’s history, know how (savoir faire), presence, an initiation to Cognac tasting, and a stunning gift shop, guests can expect an extensive experience during the visit. Indeed, the gift-shop remains the only place in the world where each and every expression of Hennessy is available for purchase.

Beginning with a picturesque boat ride on the Charente River, the tours range from €16 ($19) to €220 ($259). There are four tours in all, with all including a visit to the exhibitions, as well as a tasting of Hennessy V.S AND V.S.O.P as a minimum.

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The Hennessy X.O Symbole is a 360-degree experience taking the visitor to the very core of Maison Hennessy. Here, guests undertake a journey of learning about one of the brand’s most iconic expressions, Hennessy X.O, which was created in 1870. Featuring a tour through the drink’s history and the knowledge that goes into the production of each bottle, the experience leaves visitors with a deeper knowledge of one of the world’s finest and most iconic Cognacs.

The most expensive incarnation of the Hennessy tour, the Hennessy Exception tour, entails a visit to the Chai du Paradis, where Hennessy’s rarest Cognacs and Eaux-de-vie are stored. The tour ends with a tasting of Hennessy X.O and Hennessy Paradis along with a series of amuse-bouche created by Michelin-starred house chef David Fransoret.

After purchase by the Hennessy family in 1841, the Château de Bagnolet is the spiritual home of the brand and remains an awe-inspiring structure. At an additional price, visitors can order a bespoke Hennessy experience with the Hennessy á la carte feature, which covers the Maison’s most exclusive locales and gives visitors an intimate look at the process of what makes Hennessy such an iconic name.

This truly special experience, which includes a one-on-one tour of the brand’s vineyards, is surely the dream of any Hennessy aficionado. As well as the vineyard feature, visitors can select from a range of other experiences such as a tour of the Le Peu distillery and the barrel-making workshop that provides the unique casks in which the brand’s Cognac matures to perfection.

As well as this, it’s possible for guests to take a look in the top-secret cellar where some of Hennessy’s most ancient Eaux-de-vie are stored, with some well over 200 years old. Finally, there is the option to include a tasting session that provides an in-depth look at the selection process of Eaux-de-vie at Maison Hennessy.

The Les Visites Hennessy tours are now available to book directly through Hennessy. The Cognac region can be reached via a delightful train journey from Paris, taking in the countryside of central France.

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