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Thousands of rare spirits and fine wines in the heart of Londons Mayfair


Yevgeny Chichvarkin was once responsible for the largest mobile phone company in Russia, one that he founded and nurtured over the course of many years. After making his fortune with the enterprise, Chichvarkin was forced to sell his stake in 2012, after which he launched a new project that has been causing quite a stir in the world of fine wines and spirits. That project is Hedonism Wines.

Said to be worth more than $1.6 billion, Chichvarkin was born in Moscow but currently resides in London. He founded Hedonism Wines in the heart of London’s Mayfair district as a project of passion, but a project with a strong business plan behind it. Since it opened in 2012, Hedonism Wines has become one of the most talked about wine stores in the city, with wine lovers traveling from across the country and even the continent to see it for themselves.

It feels like you’re walking into a vino-scented Bordeaux cellar, as opposed to an upmarket central London store.

Hedonism Team
Hedonism Team

Hedonism Wines stocks thousands of rare spirits and fine wines in a vast store. It was created to satisfy people with a genuine passion for quality wines and spirits and resembles the cool, airy, and somewhat eerie atmosphere of a French wine cellar. It feels like you’re walking into a vino-scented Bordeaux cellar, as opposed to an upmarket central London store.

That experience isn’t one you need to enjoy alone either. Hedonism Wines hires a team of knowledgeable wine experts to help you discover these wines and uncover their secrets. Many of these experts have worked as sommeliers in the finest Michelin-starred restaurants. Hedonism Wines promises that once you step foot into the store, they will be at your beck and call.

This all sounds like a wine lover’s dream, and that’s exactly the goal of Hedonism Wines. It’s a store for wine lovers, by wine lovers, and that shows in the fine details found throughout every inch of this beautiful building.

It is a building that serves not only as a store but also as a library of the greatest alcoholic drinks in the world

Hedonism Wines is as much about the wines as it is about the customer. The in-store conditions are carefully controlled to ensure the very best temperature and humidity for their vast collection. As a result, it can feel a little cold. But there’s plenty of alcohol to warm you up and Hedonism Wines invites you to grab a throw and take a seat at their cozy tasting table.

Here you can sample a selection of fine vintages, as well as an assortment of newer wines and spirits. They have a number of Enomatic machines, which are quickly becoming the standard in wine shops and wine cellars around the world. These devices act both as a preserver and a dispenser, keeping the wine fresh, locking in all of those delicate flavors, and offering the customer an easy way to dispense, drink, and taste at the same time.

It’s not just about the tasting or the buying either. With Hedonism Wines Chichvarkin has created a store that can both teach you and inspire you as it satisfies your thirst for the finest wines and spirits. It is a building that serves not only as a store but also as a library of the greatest alcoholic drinks in the world and a school for the people who are passionate about them.


Tatiana Fokina
Tatiana Fokina

Hedonism Wines also has a very strong team working to keep it at the head of the wine retailing industry. As well as the sommeliers keeping customers informed and enlightened, Chichvarkin also plays an active role in the company. In Tatiana Fokina he hired a CEO who is just as passionate about wine and the store as he is, and in Alistair Viner (who once worked for Harrods) he hired a head buyer who understands this industry inside out.

When it comes time to purchase, you’ll have hundreds of rare and famous wines and spirits to choose from. This includes some of the most sought-after vintage reds, some of the finest brandies and whiskeys, and much more. If you’re seeking something specific, just ask one of the Hedonism wine experts, and they’ll source a bottle for you.

Hedonism Wines promises to have “something for every wine and spirits lover.” Some of the finer points of their collection include

Cognac Massougnes (1805): Hedonism call this “a real piece of liquid history,” and that’s exactly what it is. One of the rarest cognacs in the world, this drink is more than two centuries old and can be traced through the French royal family. It comes in a 3.41-liter demijohn bottle.

Louis XIII Black Pearl: As prized for its content as it is for its presentation, this incredibly rare bottle comes from the private cellar of one of the most distinguished wine collectors in the world.

Taylor’s Scion (1855): This is said to be one of the most unique ports ever produced. It was created via a fusion of two old casks, both created prior to the Great French Wine Blight.

Yevgeny Chichvarkin
Yevgeny Chichvarkin

With so many concerns about counterfeit wines, there is an increasing level of uncertainty in this industry, with buyers not entirely trusting sellers as they once did. But Hedonism Wines promises that the wine you’re viewing, tasting, and buying is exactly what the label promises. They have carefully sourced each and every bottle in their collection. This means a buyer can enjoy the legitimacy that comes with purchasing from an experienced private owner and the security and customer service that comes with buying from a leading retailer.

The future is very bright for Chichvarkin and Hedonism Wines. This telecommunications billionaire has given himself a platform outside of his home country by turning himself into a celebrity in the wine industry. He has created a store—an experience, really—that everyone is talking about, and he now has the future of this industry at his fingertips.

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