Havana Club 7 Celebrates ‘El Dia del Cantinero’

Since 1951, Cuban bartenders have celebrated their profession on October 7th. This year, 14 markets celebrated the day by tapping into a new bartender trend: transporting Cocktail “boomerangs” between 181 bars across markets.

From Cape town to Cuba to Canada and many European markets the initiative has been met with great enthusiasm by local bartenders. The trend of the boomerang started in the US amongst bartenders in the early 2000s; a friend of the bartender would carry a drink to the next bar in a random container. The mechanic of the boomerang is simple: a bartender prepares a drink. The drink is poured into the special “boomerang bottle” and the Pernod Ricard team then takes it to its destination with a small greeting card holding the recipe. The receiving bar then repeats the action and sends a boomerang cocktail to the next bartender.


Ensuring strong amplification Havana Club 7 partnered with Difford’s Guide: a bartender and cocktail blog delivering a monthly reach of 2.5 million unique visitors and 36.000 ontrade professionals via their newsletter. As part of the agreement, a dedicated “Boomerang” article will be made featuring bartenders from around the globe.

Historically, during the “Dia del Cantinero” the Cuban bartenders would raise funds to support colleagues who could not work. Staying true to this charitable tradition, Havana Club partnered with “Bartend Against”: a bartender grassroots movement seeking raise funds for the victims of recent natural disasters, also impacting Cuba. Through social media, bartenders are encouraged to challenge 7 other bartenders to create a Havana Club 7 Old Fashioned and sell it to raise funds in their bars in an “Ice bucket challenge” format. This collection was kick-started by Havana Club with a donation of EUR 7.000 which will run until 11 November 2017.


Jens Egelund Jakobsen, Global Marketing Manager Havana Club 7: “Havana Club 7 is an old friend of the bartending community but with this initiative, we demonstrate that we are on trend and an active part of their community. To have 14 markets joining the first year is amazing and we thank all for their contribution.”

“Looking forward, markets like Belgium and Cuba truly showed how integrating sales teams in the fun can both increase the reach but also help forge strong sales relations with the trade. And this is only the beginning – we will continue building on this initiative and make it even bigger in 2018!”


According to Havana Club: “In 1993, Pernod Ricard S.A. and Corporación Cuba Ron S.A. launched the joint venture in charge of producing, marketing and commercialising Havana Club around the world. Thanks to the production team in Cuba, our rums are now the most rewarded Cuban rum with 27 medals in tasting competitions in the last four years”

“Cuban rum cannot be understood without Cuban culture or Cuban people. Since 1996, Havana Club organizes the Havana Club Grand Prix, one of the oldest and of the most prestigious competitions for professional bartenders. Since 2009 Havana Cultura supports and showcases Cuban talents worldwide with great success. To know more about Cuban Culture, a visit to our Museum of Rum offers a real-time experience of the rum-making process.”

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