What is Old Liquors Magazine?

Buzzfeed meets Robb Report, Punch, Liquor.com, Decanter, and Whisky Advocate.

We are ambitious and are looking for equally ambitious contributors in the field of fine spirits and wines, travel, men’s fashion, cars, yachts, private jets, jewelry, watches, and other related lifestyle subjects.

How do I contribute to Old Liquors Magazine?

Sign up for an account here. Then click “Contribute” to open up the contribution interface.

Contribute a story, image, or image gallery, embed a YouTube video, Instagram photo, or Twitter status, start a list, make a meme, or start a quiz.

Here are some examples of finished posts by our contributors:

Post Formats

Old Liquors Magazine allows the following post formats:

  1. Open List. For images and/or embeds. Users can contribute by submitting new items. Ranking (order) is based on votes.
  2. Ranked List. For images and/or embeds. Users can’t contribute. Ranking (order) is based on votes.
  3. Classic List. For images and/or embeds. Users can’t contribute. Ranking (order) is set by list author.
  4. Story. Best for text stories, similar to WordPress posts.
  5. Gallery. Best for photo stories.
  6. Image. For a single image.
  7. Embed. For a single YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram content.
  8. Meme. For a funny image with top and bottom texts.
  9. Trivia Quiz. For quick yes/no quiz.
  10. Personality. For a test to know who/what are you similar to.

We pay for your contribution!

The finest contributions will be included on the site and shared on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channels. Your story may even end up in the printed magazine. If your content gets featured on the Old Liquors Magazine home page, you will receive $50 each time. We’ll double that to $100 if your story is included in the magazine. Post as much as you want!

What kind of subjects should I contribute to Old Liquors Magazine?

Do not hesitate to send us stories about new products, tastings, the best brands, exciting events, great travel experiences, stories on good food, great restaurants, and lifestyle subjects.

Our front-end submissions window lets you even embed social media posts.

So, as long as it is good and related content, whether it is a skit, a rare skill, or a funny piece of content you are contributing, we are looking forward to seeing it!

There are rules for writing good content; unfortunately, no one knows what they are. But what we can say is that your contributions need to be original, first-time content. We cannot accept re-posts or copyrighted materials.

To help you along, here are some ideas:

  • Essential bars/hotels/drinks/travel/wines/barware
  • Hottest/Newest/Latest…
  • Most expensive…
  • Auction record…
  • Cocktails…Hottest…/Latest…/Weirdest/Movie cocktails
  • 10 bars that have…
  • This is where to drink/experience
  • Essential rules for…drinking/traveling/collecting
  • Bartender doing amazing things with
  • Whiskeys/cognacs/liquors to try
  • Bar/hotel/restaurant profiles
  • The story behind…
  • Top 10…

What happens to the contributions I make to Old Liquors Magazine?

Your posts will automatically appear in a separate section of the Old Liquors Magazine website. Our editors can then choose to promote them to different areas of the site.

How do you decide which contributions get promoted?

Our editors choose what gets promoted to the home page.


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