Freelance Photo Journalist & Writer

As an Old Liquors Photo Journalist & Writer, your job is about drinking and expensive liquor.

Old Liquors Magazine ( is a glamorous lifestyle magazine for collectors and buyers of rare and exceptional premium alcoholic spirits and wines.The magazine is distributed to liquor stores, bars and hotels in NEW YORK CITY, WASHINGTON DC, LOS ANGELES, LAS VEGAS and CHICAGO metro areas and possibly also other U.S. cities.

The primary role of the photo journalist & writer is to be a storyteller. By capturing editing, and presenting stories in a way that interests our readers and website visitors illustrating stories with capturing images.

You will be working on articles covering: Liquor stores, Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, Luxury Car Dealers, Yacht Builders, Purveyors of Fine Food, Private Jet Operators, Art Dealers, Private Collectors, Wine & Spirits Tastings, Award Shows and Local Events

Subjects are: owners, products, cocktails, food, cars, yachts, jets, art, collectors and events

Job Duties

  • Interview subjects and story development
  • Take photographs and/or film video segments
  • Write copy, captions or headlines to accompany photos
  • Travel to interview locations


  • Worked for a Magazine publication before (portfolio)
  • Interviewing experience
  • Knowledgeable about the tools of the trade
  • Knowledge on how to set up the photo in top lifestyle/glamor quality
  • Familiar with lighting, setting up for best exposure, and picture quality is critical
  • Actively look for subjects and make proposals for the editorial staff

Job Type: Freelance Contract

In order for us to evaluate your writing and photography skills please include at least one article and several professional photographs you have taken.


Bourgoin Cognac

Bourgoin Cognac: True Exellence in Expression

The Baccarat Hotel Bar: A Cocktail Lover’s Dream