Flor de Caña Takes Top Award

The much-hyped Flor de Caña, the premium rum brand from Nicaragua, was named Global Rum Producer of the Year by the prestigious International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) in London. The IWSC is the most respected organization focused on awarding excellence to spirits worldwide, with over 400 global experts judging products from more than 90 countries.

This distinction, the highest within the global spirits industry, is the most powerful endorsement of Flor de Caña’s quality and excellence. Flor de Caña, a 5th generation single family estate rum, is naturally aged without sugar, additives or artificial ingredients, enriched by an active volcano and distilled with 100% renewable energy.


If we take a slightly deeper at look at Flor de Caña Rum, Nicaragua’s #1 exported brand, we find that it is present in over 40 countries worldwide and is one of the fastest growing premium rum brands in the United States. With more than 125 years and 5 generations of family tradition, Flor de Caña has been recognized as the world’s best rum in prestigious international competitions in London, Madrid, San Francisco and Chicago. Flor de Caña, the leading premium rum in Central America, is manufactured and distributed by Compañía Licorera de Nicaragua, S.A. (CLNSA).


According to Flor de Caña: “Flor de Caña is a 100% naturally aged rum enriched by the unique properties of the San Cristobal volcano, the most active in Nicaragua. The fertility of its soil and the volcanic climate to which the barrels are exposed during the aging process contribute to creating a singularly smooth and deliciously balanced rum.”


“Flor de Caña is naturally aged in small white oak bourbon barrels sealed with plantain leaves, producing a distinguished and elegant rum with tropical notes. This uninterrupted aging process has been known for more than a decade as Slow-Aged™, contributing to the rum’s remarkable amber color and rich flavor without the aid of accelerants, unnatural additives and with zero sugar content.”

“In Nicaragua’s tropical climate, Flor de Caña matures at a higher temperature and humidity level than is usually experienced by other spirits, such as whiskey and cognac. The barrelhouses in which Flor de Caña is aged have natural ventilation, allowing for exposure to the surrounding high volcanic temperatures and Nicaragua’s tropical humidity, resulting in a complex rum with a bold character beyond its age. The proximity to the San Cristobal volcano also plays a key role in the high evaporation rate of the rum, called “the Angels’ Share”, which is the result of the high interaction between the barrel and the rum, contributing to Flor de Caña’s unique flavor.”

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