Fettercairn Announce Single Malt Relaunch

Fettercairn Distillery has proudly announced the global re-launch of their premium Highland Single Malt Whisky with the release of four new expressions.

Reflective of the distillery’s unique production method and befitting of its stock of rare and aged Whiskies the exceptionally refined new range of single malts is set to generate significant interest among Whisky connoisseurs.


The Purest Ingredients

Located in the picturesque village of Fettercairn at the foothills of Scotland’s Cairngorm Mountains, this hidden gem is found among some of the finest and most fertile farming lands in the North East of Scotland.

With the purest of mountain water as an ingredient, it is almost no surprise that when the distillery was established by Sir Alexander Ramsay in 1824, the enterprising pioneer chose this location. In the mid-1950s, the Whisky-makers at Fettercairn experimented, seeking ways to create a purer expression of their spirit.

Innovative Methods

They found that pouring water down the still cooled the copper, increasing condensation inside so only the lightest vapors could rise for collection.

With this knowledge, they fashioned a unique copper cooling ring around the neck of the stills drenching them with crystal clear mountain water – an ingenious and practical solution to creating their exceptional Whisky, a technique which remains unique in Scotch Whisky-making to this day.

Not only beautiful to watch and a highlight of the distillery’s breath-taking still house, the technique creates a striking oxidation ‘patina’ on its copper, with colors of teal, white and brushed copper making the stills at Fettercairn a spectacle in their own right.

Tropical Flavors

Featuring four new expressions, the new Fettercairn range boasts a house style of tropical fruits, soft spice, and sweetness – showcased in melon, pineapple, banana, clove, ginger, treacle, toffee, and caramel.

Starting with Fettercairn 12 Year Old priced at £48 RSP, followed by the 28-Year-Old; at the top of the range the 40-Year-Old and 50-Year-Old, with the latter retailing at RSP £10,000 and both non-chill filtered and natural color.

Already award-winning, Fettercairn 28 Year Old was presented with Gold at IWSC 2018, and the 40-Year-Old Gold awards at ISC 2018 & IWSC 2018.

Journey of Elegance

Each product in the range begins its life in American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels with the 12 and 28-Year-Old expressions resting here until maturity, while the 40-Year-Old features a finish in an Apostoles Sherry Cask (no. 6) and the 50 Year Old in a Tawny Port Pipe (no.1). The progression of age and finishing designed to take drinkers on a journey of elegant, tropical fruit flavor intensity.

Indicative of its history, the brand logo has been refreshed to hero the Ramsay Clan unicorn and a nod to the copper cooling ring, while each new expression is presented in stylish new bottle and pack designs that feature oxidized copper.

The 40-Year-Old and 50-Year-Old are presented in hand-crafted wooden presentation boxes to reflect their value and prestige.


Immensely Excited

Speaking about the announcement, Distillery Manager Stewart Walker commented, “Fettercairn is simply a beautiful distillery with a treasure trove of aged and rare stocks. I’ve worked here since 1990 and most of the team that started with me then are still on this journey with me today.”

‘It’s a pleasure crafting Fettercairn Single Malt together and we are immensely excited to finally share our exceptional Whiskies with enthusiasts the world over.”

Fettercairn 12 Year Old and 28 Year Old is available from all good Whisky specialists including The Whisky Shop, Whisky Exchange and Amazon from August 2018; Fettercairn 40 Year Old and 50 Year Old will be available late August. Prices range from £48 RSP to £10,000. The Fettercairn Distillery welcomes visitors during the summer months.

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