Dupont Circle Wines: The Oldest and Rarest Under One Roof

Take a trip to 2012 P Street in D.C. to be treated like a king as you explore the world’s best drinks. Dupont Circle Wines pride themselves on customer service and are always doing what they can to improve the customer experience, whether by offering a greater variety of stock or by ensuring customers are well informed about the booze they are drinking.

This is a forward-thinking, deeply-passionate retailer operating out of the nation’s capital, with an online store that ships to spirits, wine, and beer lovers across the country.

They promise that “If you’re looking for it, we probably have it,” and with one of the largest selections of booze in Washington D.C., this is a promise they can keep.

Dupont Circle Wines, A Family Business: Wine in the Blood
Dupont Circle Wines, A Family Business: Wine in the Blood

Dupont Circle Wines is a family business, and it has been that way since the beginning. Two generations of one family have helped to keep this store operational from its founding to now, and with a strong local customer base and a growing number of satisfied online customers across the capital, it’s likely going to remain that way for many generations to come.

They stock wines, beers, and spirits from producers all over the world, with as much of a focus on oaky American bourbons and spicy Canadian ryes as there is on sought-after Scotch and complex Cognac.

Big on Beer

After water, coffee, and soda, beer is the most common drink in the United States. Americans drink more beer than wine, tea, and even milk. Despite those surprising statistics, many of the country’s top spirit and wine retailers overlook this beverage. Yet, beer is embraced at Dupont Circle Wines, and you’ll find a large selection of it on their shelves and in their storeroom.

The unprecedented growth of the craft beer industry has helped beer to become one of the country’s favorite tipples over the last few years, and if this is your drink of choice, then there’s no shortage of local and foreign craft beers to sample. These include Dark Lord Imperial Stout, a Russian stout brewed in Indiana that is perfect for beer drinkers who enjoy something a little stronger and more complex; Pliny the Younger and Pliny the Elder, both of which are brewed in California; and a host of beers carrying the Bourbon County Rare label.

The World’s Rarest Spirits

Dupont Circle Wines have a liquor collection that would astonish even the most experienced drinker. This includes liquor that is decades old—achieving its high-value thanks to an extensive aging process which has helped to infuse the drink with the sort of complex and extraordinary flavors that you just don’t get with new spirits—as well as limited edition bottles valued for their elegance, presentation, and one-of-a-kind contents.

Some of the rarest (and therefore the most expensive) liquors you will find in Dupont Circle Wines.

Remy Martin, Louis XIII
Remy Martin, Louis XIII

Some of the rarest (and therefore the most expensive) liquors you will find in Dupont Circle Wines include:

Rare Remy Martin: The world’s most celebrated creator of fine Cognac, Remy Martin are responsible for phenomenal flavors and out-of-this-world presentation. This is best seen in the Remy Martin Louis XIII collection. Not only was this bottled in 1874, but the spirit spent decades maturing before that. Encased in exquisite bottles, this is one of the most iconic, sought-after, rare spirits in the world, and it will set you back between $3,000 and $28,000, depending on the rarity of the individual bottle.

Macallan, Lalique box
Macallan, Lalique box

Macallan: The Macallan name can be seen on many of the world’s most expensive whiskeys, and Dupont Circle Wines have many of these in their collection. Their premium scotches range from a Macallan Lalique that is 62 years old and will cost you $1,000 for each of those years, to a limited edition “M” Decanter Macallan that costs $8,000.

Dom Perignon White Gold: If Champagne is your top tipple, then you won’t find a drink as prized as this. Listed by Business Insider as one of the “Most Expensive Champagnes on the Planet” this is a jeroboam (a 3-litre bottle) that is plated with the finest white gold and expertly engraved with the Dom Perignon name. The bottle is the star of the show here, as opposed to the Champagne itself, but if you do decide to drink it, you will be treated to a 1995 Dom Perignon vintage.

Pappy Van Winkle Decanter Set: Pappy Van Winkle is one of the hardest bourbons to find. As more investors snap it up and more connoisseurs steadily drink it out of existence, it’s only getting more and more difficult to source. A writer for the Wall Street Journal once declared that instead of being called “bourbon,” anything branded with the Pappy Van Winkle name should be called, “barrel-aged unobtanium.” However, despite its rarity, there are a few bottles available at a premium price at Dupont Circle Wines. This particular limited edition bottle comes in a unique presentation case, complete with a decanter and two branded glasses. The liquor itself is 23 years old, a huge age for an American bourbon like this.

Sampling the Dupont Circle Difference

The best way to experience Dupont Circle Wines for yourself is to drop by their store. This is a vast storeroom that showcases the best spirits, wines, and beers in the US and the world. It’s a candy store for liquor lovers—a museum for collectors. If you can’t make it to the store in person, you can browse the Dupont Circle Wines’ website and get most of their product range shipped to your address.

Dupont Circle Wines
Dupont Circle Wines

If you live in or near Washington D.C., there are no limitations, and the entire Dupont Circle Wines’ product range is yours for the taking.

However, if you reside outside of the capital, then you won’t be able to order some of their rarer and more expensive bottles.

But then again, if you’re willing to drop thousands or even tens of thousands on a single bottle, it’s always recommended that you see it in person. Thus, if you are long ways away and something in their product range has caught your eye, then maybe it’s time for a road-trip.

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