Bucket list Yoga experience atop Mars-like rocks

Spiritual Helicopter Yoga in the Valley of Fire

Heli Yoga

A trip to Las Vegas isn’t typically viewed as a physical and spiritual journey, but a rare aviation-yoga experience may just change your perspective.

A partnership between Las Vegas-based companies, Maverick Helicopters and Silent Savasana, HeliYoga – Limitless transports participants to an open-air sanctuary where few men and women have boldly gone before—atop the fiery-red, natural sandstone formations on the highest peak at Valley of Fire State Park in the southwest United States. You can’t drive to this peak. You can’t hike there. It’s only accessible via helicopter.

“The yoga itself is unbelievable, but the location is what really creates the experience”

On this remote cliff, sounded by scenic views and open skies, students unfurl their yoga mats for a 75-minute, instructor-led class focusing on balance, discipline, focus, determination and strength of mind. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, said Bryan Kroten, vice president of marketing at Maverick Helicopters.

“The vibrancy of the area is second to none,” he said. “Doing yoga … you feel like you’re on a pinnacle.”

Silent Savasana creator Dray Gardner joked that the Valley of Fire spot looks like Mars. He’s not alone in his unearthly assessment. Scenes portraying Mars in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film Total Recall were shot at Valley of Fire. It was also used to represent planet Veridian III on Star Trek: Generations.

“Very few feet have touched this space and that in and of itself, is really one of a kind,” said Gardner. “It’s an amazing spot to do yoga.”

“It’s just you, the Valley of Fire and the practice.”

Silent Savasana is on the “spiritual frontline” of Las Vegas, said Gardner. In addition to HeliYoga – Limited, Silent Savasana offers a yoga class on the High Roller, the tallest observation wheel in the world, located at the LINQ promenade on the Las Vegas Strip.

“We’ve taken yoga to places it normally shouldn’t be,” said Gardner emphasizing that the classes are not meant to be gimmicky. “I’m not in yoga to do gimmicks. The yoga stays authentic. This is 100 percent yoga. It’s not watered down.”

Gardner and Silent Savasana co-founder Kyle Markman create personal, private yoga classes for groups of all sizes by supplying each student with a state-of-the-art LED headset, which transmits the instructor’s voice and a curated playlist. “The headphones can be as loud or soft as you want them to be,” explained Gardner.

As for HeliYoga – Limitless, he said, “It’s just you, the Valley of Fire and the practice.”

Kroten described it as the world’s most exclusive experience of its kind. For $3,499, a group of six is transported along with an instructor in a tourism-based helicopter, the Airbus EC130/H130 ECO-Star, equipped with voice-activated headsets, leather seating and large windows. The two-and-a-half-hour package starts with a limo ride to the Maverick Helicopters terminal and ends with a champagne toast and flight over downtown Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip. Participants receive a yoga mat from Lululemon at Las Vegas’ Fashion Show Mall.

“We’re always looking at different ways to create bucket list experiences for people,” he said, noting that in addition to yoga enthusiasts, the package is good for someone celebrating a special birthday or a bachelorette party.

“The yoga itself is unbelievable, but the location is what really creates the experience,” added Kroten. “It feels like you’re literally on top of the world.”

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