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Bonhams Whisky department recorded its most successful year ever

According to a recent statement from the company, Bonhams Whisky department in Edinburgh has recorded its most successful year ever, with total sales of £919,000.

Bonhams held its first Whisky sale in 2008 and now holds four sales a year at its Edinburgh HQ as well as four sales in Hong Kong, including its first-ever online-only sale.

Bonhams Whisky specialist in Edinburgh, Martin Green said, “2017 has been a bumper year for Bonhams Whisky sales in Scotland. Since we started selling Whisky at auction in 2008, the market has grown steadily year on year, but 2017 has been exceptional. We are undoubtedly benefitting from the global interest in collecting Whiskies which is now very much an international pursuit. We have regular bidders from all over the world, including China, Hong Kong, Singapore Japan and Taiwan, all the countries of mainland Europe, north and south America as well, of course, as Scotland and the rest of the UK.”

Top results at Bonhams Edinburgh in 2017 include:

Dalmore-50 year old-1926

• Dalmore-50 year old-1926 sold for £26,250 in December 2017
• The Bowmore Trilogy: Black Bowmore-42 year old-1964 Gold Bowmore-44 year old-1964 White Bowmore-43 year old-1964 sold for £25,000 also in December 2017
• The Macallan Millennium Decanter 50 year old 1949 sold for £21,250 in June 2017
• The Macallan Select Reserve-25 year old – 1946 sold for £15,625 in October 2017


Bonhams Hong Kong highlights included:

• A bottle of The Macallan-50year old-1928 sold for HKD 588,000 (£57,000) in November 2017
• Macallan Lalique-50 year old (1) Macallan Lalique-55 year old (1) • Macallan Lalique-57 year old (1) Macallan Lalique-60 year old (1) • Macallan Lalique-62 year old (1) Macallan Lalique-65 year old (1): sold for HKD 3,797,500 (£377,000) in August 2017

According to Bonhams CEO Matthew Girling: “When I’m asked what distinguishes us from other international auction houses, I could mention our innovative sales, our world records or our Michelin-starred restaurant. But having joined Bonhams in 1988 – I started in the jewelry department at Bonhams Knightsbridge – I know that the most important element of the company is our specialists.”

Matthew Girling, CEO Bonhams
Matthew Girling, CEO Bonhams

“This is where the true source of our strength resides. We offer items in 60 different categories – the broadest range for any international auction house – and every single department is fuelled by passion. Our specialists are leading connoisseurs in their field. They are also astute business people who know where and when to sell a work – and for buyers, they give advice as to whether or not a piece will fit with a particular collection. At times, we have also been counselors, as we understand how it is sometimes emotionally difficult to part with items. But above all, each and every one of our specialists offer a bespoke service for you as we recognize that every item bought and sold at auction is a special event.”

According to Bonhams: “Bonhams has a heritage and reputation for connoisseurship and bespoke service known throughout the world. Founded in London in 1793, we are the sole remaining international auction house that is privately owned and in British hands. We hold more than 400 specialist sales a year in 60 different categories at our flagship salerooms in London, New York, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong.

The breadth of our reach means that Bonhams can offer items for sale wherever the works will attract the strongest interest and keenest bidding. Matching the item to the sale is an art in itself – and Bonhams has become a master at it.

With specialists in every major area of art, antiques, jewelry, motor cars and collectibles, the depth of knowledge at Bonhams makes us a natural choice as the place to buy and sell.”

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