Big Boys’ Toys: The Superyacht Accessories of the Global Elite

The open sea. It’s a place of majesty, mystery, and mesmeric wilderness. For those seeking to get away from it all and escape to a world of peace, liberation, and wonderment, there’s nowhere on earth to rival it.

Isn’t that the allure of yacht ownership? The idea that on any given day, you can climb aboard your vessel, fire up your engine or let down your mainsails, and disappear over the horizon’s shimmering limits… all to lose oneself in an endless landscape of softly undulating blue-green water.

Stillness. Silence. Serenity.

Well, perhaps not. Maybe it’s fair to say there are two types of yacht owners in the world. Sure, there are plenty of those seeking solace in the sea… yet there is a growing section of the global elite out on the waves who see the ocean as a never-ending marine playground. For them, the sea is an adventure park where the thrills come thick and fast and are constantly being pushed to new heights by the latest technologies and the ultimate seaborne gadgetry.

Enter the Dazzling World of Superyacht Toys

There’s been a massive boom in the creation and availability of hi-tech sports toys and superyacht gadgets in recent years. Indeed, it’s fair to say that the entire superyacht industry has impressively stayed afloat during periods of economic uncertainty. While the yachts have gotten bigger, longer, and ever more sensational, the demand for those luxurious extras and excuses to (literally) splash out on toys and experiences has prompted businesses worldwide to flex their creative muscles.

The range of superyacht toys available today reads like a list of props, borrowed partly from a hyperactive teenage boy’s wildest dreams, and partly from a James Bond movie rejected by the studio for being too outlandish. As ever, we’re on hand to take you through our pick of the most popular, the most luxurious, and the most expensive… so prepare to feast your eyes on those things the rich and famous use to get their adrenaline pumping.

SeaBreacher Sailfish
SeaBreacher Sailfish, source

Seabreacher S

Let’s kick things off with what is undeniably one of the coolest and most beautiful superyacht accessories on the market today: the Seabreacher S. Built by Barcelona-based aquatics company Charterdart, this semi-submersible toy takes the underwater fantasies of those who can afford one to the next level. Semi-submersibles have been available for some time now, but the Seabreacher S features a design which is sure to capture the hearts of any ocean lover: They’re shaped and colored to resemble orca whales, dolphins, or sharks, and their maneuverability mimics these denizens of the deep, too.

Easy to control, and looking like the most fun you could possibly have in the water, this craft can dive, roll, flip, and rocket along under the waves at a top speed of 60 km/h. A quick flick of the tail, and you can leap out of the water like a swordfish on a line, before whizzing back beneath the water once again. The vessel features a bubble-style screen, meaning you can gaze at your underwater surroundings in 360 degrees, and it also boasts a rocking sound system and a GPS, meaning you’ll never get lost while at sea. A truly remarkable feat of pleasure-based engineering.

Jetsurf, source


Surfing on an old-school board might look great, but as anybody who has ever struggled with a beginner’s lesson will tell you, mastering those moves is a heck of a lot of work. Jet Skis are now so passé, as almost anybody can buy or hire one while on holiday. So, what has come along to breach the gap between the two? A Jet-Ski-wakeboard-surfboard hybrid, known as Jetsurf… and they’re taking the luxury boating world by storm.

There are many of these items and similar imitations on the market, but those manufactured by elite extreme sports company Luxury Water Toys are regarded as the crème de la crème when it comes to these devices. Capable of hitting top speeds of 57 km/h, and controlled by a handheld-game-style joystick, these carbon-fiber toys pack a 100cc two-stroke engine which keeps things light, zippy, and easy to maneuver. The best part? You don’t need to go hunting for waves and riptides—they can be used on even the calmest waters to superb effect.

Parajet, source


There are a remarkable number of toys and gadgets out there designed to allow superyacht owners to view their vessels from above. Specially made luxury drones give seaworthy millionaires the opportunity to get a bird’s-eye view of their boats via a camera… but who would turn down the chance to soar above their ship, and look down over the sparkling sea as would an albatross, traversing the oceans on a marathon migration? Where there is a desire, there’s a company looking to profit from it, and that’s where Parajet steps in.

We’re all familiar with the sight of paragliders hurtling over the waters at breakneck speed, and hearing the shrieks of thrillseekers crashing down from them into the waves. Parajets offer something considerably more serene and sophisticated than that. With these devices, there’s no need to be yanked along by a speedboard with a rope—they’re a free-flying machine which uses a lightweight propellor and a wide sail to get you airborne. Build for convenience and safety, the producers claim they’re remarkably easy to control and use, and quick to assemble and put away again (ideal for impulsive flying on sunny days). With a “daredevil” setting as well as more chilled out options, they look like the perfect way to gain a true sense of liberation… and to get that coveted view of your beautiful ship from the skies.

Superyacht Sub 3
Superyacht Sub 3, source

Superyacht Sub 3

Minisubs are consistently getting better and better, and the “toy” models on the market aren’t a million miles away from the quality of advanced, scientific diving vessels used in underwater research.

Widely considered the best and most enjoyable minisub available today, the Superyacht Sub 3 is a petite, compact, and lightweight vessel, which can dive an astonishing 300 meters below the water. With simple controls, a huge bubble screen, and advanced lighting options (ideal for exploring murky caves and shipwrecks, no doubt), you and two lucky guests can act out your Jacques Cousteau fantasies as you seek out sharks and rays, corals, coves, and maybe even some hidden treasure.


So, while the fully functional secret-agent-style jetpack is still in development, superyacht owners and thrillseekers have to make do with the next best thing: the Flyboard. These gadgets were released a few years ago, and they’ve been a huge hit ever since with those looking to take their seaside adventures to the next level. It’s difficult not to be impressed by them: a device which uses the power of water propulsion to lift the wearer into the sky, leaving a plume of froth in their wake. Although they’re notoriously tricky to master, those who have the free time to practice can achieve some awesome tricks and stunts, such as hurling themselves from the waves dolphin-style, at great speeds and with impressive agility.

So, there you have it: five super-charged toys for boys (and girls) who like their time on the sea to involve more than just sunbathing and swimming. Who knows what the next innovation will be?

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