Beam Suntory and Sellr Combine For Awards Success

Atlanta-area tech company, Sellr, and Beam Suntory, purveyors of premium spirits, are celebrating a big win. They finished first place in the “Best Multi-Case Floor Display” category at Beverage Dynamics magazine’s Advertising and Promotion Awards.

The project that brought home the win is a custom-made app created by Sellr, based on Beam Suntory’s brand awareness campaign, The Cocktail Project. The app was loaded onto Sellr Tablets and mounted onto the shelves of a multi-case display designed by Beam Suntory. It allowed shoppers to scan the barcode of a number of select beverages then see a recommended cocktail recipe.

“Sellr Tablets give shoppers a unique experience—the ability to interact with their favorite brands right in the beverage aisle,” says Sellr’s president, Bruce van Zyl.


“Whether scanning products for more information or researching perfect pairings, shoppers receive high-quality content at just the right moment—at the point of decision,” he adds.

“Our tablets help beverage store employees provide a better customer experience,” says van Zyl, explaining how easy-to-access knowledge arms employees with better tools to assist customers.

“Providing shoppers with carefully curated product information via Sellr Tablets and onsite advertising via BevTV, elevate brand awareness and increase sales.”

According to Beam Suntory: “We seek to outperform our market with a strategy focused on our three simple strategic platforms of Creating Famous Brands, Building Winning Markets and Fueling Our Growth.”

“Our vision and strategy are underpinned by our Winning Competitive Edge – our people who operate day in and day out in a culture that embraces entrepreneurial thinking … encourages creative, innovative solutions … and emphasizes a collaborative mindset.”

Sellr said: “We believe that we are in at the start of a Retail Renaissance. This is an exciting time in a traditionally technologically challenged market. This Renaissance will enable online neighborhood shopping that will integrate seamlessly with their in-store experiences.”

“We provide retailers with a powerful technology ecosystem that engages their customers in the aisle and markets featured products. In short, we help retailers compete with online giants like Amazon, in their local neighborhoods.”


Beverage Dynamics is “the largest and most respected national magazine dedicated to the needs of the off-premise beverage alcohol retailer, whether it’s the owner of a single liquor store, the general manager of a warehouse store or the buyer for a large supermarket or drug chain.”

The brand also said: “Every issue contains information on spirits, wine, beer, other beverages and the ins and outs of modern beverage retailing. Retailers gain insight into trends affecting consumer demand, the latest information on products and service to help them manage their locations like store security, POS systems and more.”

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