A Sophisticated Wine-by-the-Glass Experience

Taste is what Plum is all about, just like the vintner intended.

Based on an excellent combination of enhanced technology and chic design, Plum automatically identifies the wine, separately cools each bottle, and safeguards the quality of the wine by preserving it in a way that every glass tastes like the bottle has just been opened.

Plum’s brushed stainless steel and esthetic look make it more than just a cunning device and turn it into an eyecatcher in any home, kitchen, living room or wet bar.

Which kind of bottles fit in this device? Plum offers room for any two 750ml bottles. Closure types may vary between natural cork, artificial cork, engineered cork, and even metal screw caps.

Plum inserts a needle in each bottle through its cork

The conceptual technology lies in not only bringing the wine to the perfect temperature but also in the element of preservation. Each glass tastes fresh and still contains all wine-loving flavors due to a needle that Plum inserts in each bottle through its cork. Thanks to this technology Plum preserves any chilled wine for up to 90 days without removing the cork; meaning the wine enjoyment shapeshifts indulgence by-the-bottle to indulgence by-the-glass.

It does not stop there. Inside, Plum is also equipped with a computer and cameras, so that each label is scanned and consequently appears on Plum’s full-color, seven-inch touchscreen informing each user precisely about the content of each bottle and making it available at the touch of a button.

Plum, will bring on-demand wine by the glass to hotels beginning this summer, through a series of new partnerships. The Plum for Hotels program will roll out across more than ten hotel partners in the coming months, including the Four Seasons Hotel Palo Alto, The Confidante Miami Beach and The Rosewood Sand Hill.

Plum for Hotels allows F&B managers to stock a room with two bottles of wine and to set a reasonable price per glass. Plum integrates with property management systems – with each glass poured, Plum automatically tracks the sale, bills the guest’s folio and notifies housekeeping when it is time to replace an empty bottle. Plum fits neatly with the on-demand service that modern guests have come to expect and its integrated touchscreen and audio enable hoteliers to provide personalized service to each guest, allowing hoteliers to recognize and reward guest loyalty, deliver a glass or two of wine to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. (Source)


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