5 Unique, Luxurious Men’s Jewelry Collections

The signature Miansai bracelet collection feautring fine Italian leather

Besides Cartier, Alexander McQueen, and Saint Laurent, there are various extremely talented, independent designers who showcase different stories and inspirations with their collections. From conceptual, high-shine chocolate-gold bracelets to rings that represent the luxurious, dark, and dangerous side of fashion, we collected the most unique men’s jewelry brands collections for this season.


With over 30 skilled artisans and every piece created in-house, Miansai prides itself in constantly exploring craftsmanship and the journey of art. “Beauty exists in the smallest of details. Passionate, hands-on design and production turns found, raw input into refined and timeless statement pieces.” From the beginning of the design process to melting metals and creating the packaging, every little detail comes from the hands of craftsmen, which makes the menswear jewelry brand outstanding in its category. Besides designing and creating, the brand also takes the time and effort to ensure the ethical sourcing of luxurious materials such as 14k and 18k gold and rose gold, marine-grade ropes, French calf, and Italian leather.

Miansai Cuff collection
Miansai Signature Cuffs, made from fine Italian leather and 18K Gold/Rose Gold

The main focus of the brand is creating minimal interpretations and timeless designs that will function as statement pieces throughout the decades. Their most popular collections are the bracelet and cuff collections, which all have a very clean design—instead of focusing on bold colors or experimental shapes, Miansai grabs the attention of jewelry lovers with their amazing details.

Our picks: Fish Hook Cuff, Matte Sterling Silver Klink


Designer Angie Marei’s story and inspiration behind her luxe-noir collections are just as inspiring and unique as her designs. After studying a wide range of subjects (such as art history, illustration, architecture, and sculpture), the designer wanted to create her own line and tie together dark and sultry, timelessly elegant and sinister. Her inspirations and style are perfectly represented by the collections—the rings, bracelets, and necklaces have a powerful and dark yet minimalist design that makes the customer curious to learn more about the brand. “Old Hollywood and ancient Egypt mixed with a hybrid of art deco and archaeology to create a symphony of ominous opulence.”

Diaboli Kill Ring Collection
Diaboli Kill Unisex Horn Ring in Gold and Silver

With the unique, conceptual designs and luxurious materials, Diaboli Kill has quickly become a popular celebrity choice as well, and in the past four years, celebrities such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, and Jessie J have worn her jewelry. The most famous designs from the collection are the Damian Brevis Horn Rings and Necklaces, inspired by ancient Egyptian symbols.

Our picks: Damian Brevis Horn Ring in Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold Necklace with Monogram Tag


Shifting away from the luxurious, darker side of couture fashion, Eddie Borgo’s designs represent something completely different. The designer invites us on a journey of “continuous study in geometric classicism.” Inspired by artists such as Robert Morris, Dan Flavin, Donald Judd, and Tony Smith, and the idea of timelessness is modern sculpture and shape, Eddie Borgo was determined to create a collection that reflects these values. The designs are accompanied by similarly rare, high-quality materials such as high-shine chocolate gold and oxidized silver. Since the launch of his brand, Eddie Borgo jewelry has been recognized by the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, the CFDA Swarovski Award, and the CFDA/Vogue Tiffany & Co. Development Grant, and is currently stocked at over 200 international retailers.

a collection of Eddie Borgo cufflinks
Eddie Borgo Cufflink Set

Just like the designer’s main aesthetic and inspirations, the men’s jewelry collection is modern, clean, and elegant as well with a geometric edge. From very minimal cuffs to skull detailed rings and gridline studs, the collection mixes elements of sophisticated and playful together.

Our Picks: Door Latch Cuff, Ten Small Pyramid Tie Clip


Embracing the customer’s personal style, the American jewelry brand William Henry has a legacy in creating luxurious pocket knives, jewelry, and accessories for men. The impeccable craftsmanship is visible in every design: The artisans of the brand blend precious metals, gemstones, and natural materials together, using techniques such as fine hand engraving, carving silver, and koftgari.

Henry William cuffs with gemstones
Henry William bracelet set with Silver, Gold, and Gemstone detailing

Instead of going in a very minimalist direction, William Henry incorporates colors with gemstones such as sapphires and emeralds and isn’t afraid to offer rare, unique options. “…these rare pieces are imbued with the personality of their owners, and become part of their living legacy.” The brand also often creates limited-edition pieces and items, which only come in a few available designs. William Henry accessories and jewelry have been chosen by various celebrities as well, including Harrison Ford, Luke Bryan, and Jared Leto.

Our picks: Vigor Dark Bracelet, Gentac Verona Pocket Knife


Werkstatt:München is an independent jewelry brand that offers a wide range of handmade leather goods and luxurious jewelry. There is something very clean and masculine about the designs that make Werkstatt:München one of our favorites from the list. The designer takes us through the process of creating a piece step by step, from the first drafts of the designs to transferring the vision and working with metals and leather. The brand uniquely combines perfection and imperfection together: “A hand will always build objects that appear natural to humans, while the perfection reached by machines often appears cold. We let the hand do the work, led by a skilled eye”—and this philosophy of mixing perfect surfaces and materials with natural elements creates that special style of Werkstatt:München jewelry.

Werkstatt:München collection bangle and ring
Minimalist Werkstatt:München bangle and ring, styled with an oversized shirt

Werkstatt:München designs were created for the daring, independent customer who likes simplicity, in a very natural, “imperfect” way. While the craftsmanship and the detailing on the designs are absolutely stunning, the honest and raw edge of the collections makes this brand stand out from the crowd.

Our picks: Bracelet Curb Chain Skulls, Leather  Key Purse

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