375 Park Avenue Expands Portfolio

375 Park Avenue Spirits has announced it has signed a new agreement that will substantially expand its current portfolio.

Effective August 1, 2018, 375 Park Avenue Spirits have been appointed the sole U.S. importer for the term of five years for Ballantine’s, Passport, and Something Special Whiskies from Scotland by Chivas Brothers Ltd.

In addition, Becherovka Herbal Liqueur from the Czech Republic by Jan Becher, Cachaça Janeiro from Brazil by Pernod-Brasil, Soho Lychee Liqueur from France by Pernod SAS and Minttu Peppermint Liqueur from Finland by Pernod Finland will be added to the brand’s portfolio.


Immediate Transition

The company will begin transitioning these brands immediately but will start actively selling these brands on the market as of September 1.

“These agreements represent a watershed moment for our organization,” said Jason Schladenhauffen, CEO for 375 Park Avenue Spirits.

“Almost all of these brands are category leaders in their home market or on the global stage. As such, we’ve been afforded a major opportunity as the new brand stewards to lead them into the next stage of their life cycles.”

Hugely Popular Names

Further commenting on the appointment, Patrick Venning, Global Marketing Director for Ballantine’s and Chivas Bros.’ Primary Scotch portfolio said: “We’re thrilled to be working with 375 Park Avenue Spirits on this venture to develop the brands in America.”

“It marks a new chapter in the United States for some of our most popular brands – Ballantine’s, Passport and Something Special – in a market where Scotch Whisky is already hugely popular.”

“This new partnership will allow us to actively get our Whiskies into the hands of new drinkers and show what’s so exceptional about the category and these award-winning brands in particular.”


Breadth and Depth of Spirits

It was also recently announced that the company had been given the exclusive right to represent J.P. Wiser’s Canadian whiskey and Lamb’s Rum in the U.S. by Corby Spirit and Wine Limited. That partnership began July 1, 2018, and will also run for five years.

The portfolio expansion not only increases the number of brands the company will represent, it further solidifies the firm’s commitment to offering customers more breadth and depth of quality spirit selections.

“Each of these brands addresses portfolio gaps and fill key strategic needs as we look to better balance our offerings,” said Schladenhauffen.

With the expansion, 375 Park Avenue Spirits now represents spirit brands from across 14 countries.

Hitting the Streets with Conviction

To support the new alliances, the company is also making an investment in headcount in key markets.

“The 375 Park Avenue team excels at building brands by collaborating with our wholesalers and hitting the streets with conviction,” said Schladenhauffen.

“And we intend to achieve another gear by adding these brands into our portfolio. The addition of field sales manpower across critical anchor markets is already in process to further fuel the momentum for the growth we aspire to deliver in the near and long-term.”


Expressions from Across the Board

375 Park Avenue Spirits specialize in superior brands from around the world that drive innovation within their category.

It was founded in 1981 as Luctor International, LLC and in early 2015, became an independent subsidiary yet fully integrated sales company inside the Sazerac Company.

The 375 Park Avenue Spirits portfolio spans the premium- to luxury-spirit categories and includes numerous expressions from leading international producers.

By aligning with brands that embrace the values and vision of 375 Park Avenue Spirits, the company has created an environment of growth for supplier partners in the domestic market.

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