From Hermès to Prada—2017/18 Fall-Winter Menswear Forecast

Taking a closer look at the couture and ready-to-wear runways is always a great way to explore new visions, shades, and styles for the upcoming season. From velvet slim-fit suits and color-block techniques to retro biker jackets and black minimalism, the upcoming 2017/18 fall-winter runway shows represented the exciting, versatile side of menswear.

With each designer collection, the brands represented different eras and current trends in fashion, making sure everyone could find a relatable style in the new collections.

Dolce & Gabbana—Bold Prints

The Italian fashion house is known for heavy embroidery, rich shades, and luxurious fabrics, and the 2017/18 fall-winter collection perfectly represents this aesthetic. It wouldn’t be Dolce & Gabbana if there was only one print in the collection; the models wore various geometric and floral prints in colors such as gold, burgundy, and navy, and the designers weren’t afraid to mix and match different patterns and styles together, making this collection fresh and modern.

Hermès—Classic Minimalism

Unlike some other designs on our list (such as Burberry or Dolce & Gabbana), the French fashion house decided to stay true to their traditional, minimalist choices. This simplistic, clean vibe both affected the silhouettes and the color palette: The clothing items range from belted, button-less trench coats and double-breasted blazers to wide pants and slightly oversize sweaters, all in classic shades such as black, cream, gray, brown, and navy blue. Instead of going for creating new, crazy trends, Hermès took a twist on old classics by adding small details and making them more interesting, but still keeping them timeless and practical.

Burberry—Old Favorites

This year, Burberry presented an exciting menswear show for the upcoming fall and winter season by redesigning and reimagining old classics. The printed shirts, slightly oversize wool coats with fur collars, asymmetric designs, and traditional suit pants all worked perfectly for this Burberry collection, and besides the designs and silhouettes, we also have to mention the color palette, which consists of both dark and intense shades (such as royal blue, black, and dark oxblood) and light, soft colors (such as cream, white, and pastel blue).

Prada—Shades of Beige

If you love to go back to the past decades for fashion inspiration, you will definitely love Prada’s 2017–18 menswear collection. While the silhouettes are quite minimal and vintage-inspired in this collection (with the long-sleeve v-neck sweaters, the straight fit blazers, and the collared leather jackets), the unique color combinations show us a different side of the already known and loved fashion trends. The dominating colors in this collection are various shades of beige, ranging from light sand to deep brown, which goes beautifully with the orange and blue details.

Balmain—Young and Edgy

Since Olivier Rousteing took over Balmain as the creative director, the fashion house found its new voice, and has become one of the most popular high-end brands nowadays—and with their wearable, yet edgy, designs, this absolutely makes sense. This year, Balmain took masculine prints and materials such as camouflage and patent leather and mixed them together effortlessly to create an exciting menswear collection. With the various materials, silhouettes, patterns, and styles, this has to be one of the fashion house’s most versatile collections, which perfectly captures the new flow of fashion.

Ami Homme—Pop of Color

While the dominating colors were definitely more toned down, neutral shades (such as beige, white, cream, gray, and burgundy), the Ami Homme 2017/18 fall-winter collection takes menswear from a whole new point of view and adds pops of colors to the collection. While the main accents of the collection are black and olive, the designer wasn’t afraid to add pink, classic denim blue, bright green, and purple as well.

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Written by Alexandra Vincze

My passion for fashion started at a very young age: from haute couture runways to new, emerging designers, I admire the creativity and uniqueness of the fashion world. Since my first fashion internship in 2013, I got the opportunity to work together with amazing artists, brands and magazines, including Old Liquors.

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